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5.11 Tactical Rapid Assault Shirt

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Created with end user feedback by Special Forces teams, the 5.11 Tactical Rapid Assault Shirt delivers the best in 5.11 innovation and performance. 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Ripstop sleeves have double articulated elbows for maximum durability. Angled shoulder pockets offer easy access and a loop patch on both arms allows patch application. A lighter weight 5 oz. knit body with back and side mesh inserts has wicking and moisture management perfect for wearing alone or as a base layer under body armor. The front allows added ventilation and zips to a full mandarin collar to prevent chafing from body armor.

  • 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Ripstop 5 oz. knit
  • Wicking and moisture management
  • Highly breathable fabric is placed strategically on the back and sides to rapidly wick away moisture
  • Mandarin collar prevents chafing when wearing armor
  • Double articulated elbows
  • 3/4-zip front
  • Shoulder pockets for easy access
  • Loop patch on both arms for insignia
  • Long sleeve
  • Imported




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  1. Great Shirt! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I ordered two of these shirts while they were on sale for 20 percent off. Like previous reviewers have mentioned, the sleeves are a bit on the long side but since they have velcro on the wrists you can bring them up and snap them on you're wrists with the velcro. There will be some slack on the sleeves which will give you're arms full range of motion. I rather have some slack on the sleeves than have sleeves that are too short and might restrict arm movement. The sleeve and collar material are a bit stiff but that is a good thing since the material will last much longer and will probably soften after a couple washes. As far as the neck collar goes it does not bother my neck as I move my head around. The coyote color blends real well with the multicam on the sleeves and collar. The material on the body itself is very flexible and will conform to the shape of you're body. The stitching is great and is stitched with quality thread that will not fray or come loose. Overall I give this shirt 5 stars. Buy it you won't regret it.

  2. Great Shirt 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I received the 5.11 Ras at the beginning of june. Out of the box I was impressed. I liked the collar and zipper, obviously it wont stretch out like other combat shirts. The fabric and stitching in the armpit area is comfortable and breathable. I also like how the back of the shirt is all knit fabric instead of the multicam material, it breaths a lot better with armor. I have found like everyone else the only major problem to be sleeve length and velcro cuff. A little added velcro and a roll or two of the cuff will fix this problem. I wore this shirt all day at a recent swat competition and found it quite comfortable, even in the high humidity and heat of oklahoma. The 5.11 Rep chased me down and asked me how I liked it and where I got it, saying that they hadnt released them to any of their other retail stores. A+ for uscav. I was able to put a 4inch name tape and rank, with an ir flag on the right sleeve pocket velcro. The other sleeve, on the larger portion of velcro, I was able to put my unit patch. This may not work out for all patches, but I was happy with mine. Overall, I love the ras, and will buy another soon in preperation for a deployment.

  3. Good Entry From A Proven Player 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Bought this based on prior experience with 5.11 Tac clothing which had been generally positive. Knit body is nice and airy, looks like it will last. My armor had shoulder pieces which make the shoulder yoke a good touch--both for durability and comfort. Stitching is good all the way around. The sleeves have been criticized as too baggy. I wear a size large, I don't have huge arms. The sleeves are roomy, but not excessively so. I can wear elbow pads under the shirt (elbows are re-inforced but not padded). If you have big guns you will have room to move, elbow pads may not be an option. I wear med long bdus, 5.11 Sleeves have run nicely long for me and this shirt continues that. Hook & loop on the cuffs is a nice width. The sleeve pockets are laid out well. Loop fabric on pockets is a bit small, might not accept agency patches. Loop tape on pocket flap is a bit wider than nametape width. The sleeve fabric is heavy (as are he multicam pants). Good for durability but maybe too heavy for use in hot climates (but will offer good protection). This garment will absolutely be my go to garment for cold weather training where flash protection isn't a premium.

  4. Overall, This Shirt Is Worth The Bucks! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I own several crye precision combat shirts as well as several tru-spec combat shirts. I have had the 5.11 Ras know for about 2 weeks. I have worn this shirt with kit 6 times total and washed it after every use. I love this shirt for the money! So far it is holding up very well and I find it actually much more comfortable than the cp combat shirts. This shirt does exhibit two minor flaws though. First of all, it had a very tiny and very shiny zipper (sorry about the rhyming). know that may not sound like a big deal, but we messed around a lot on bright nights with this shirt and it was very visible under certain circumstances under moonlight. It was also especially visible with a pvs-14, and even more so with an ir or any other light source shining on it. With the bad guys getting their hands on more and more cool guy gear like nvgs, this is obviously a problem. However, it's nothing a little 100-mile-an-hour tape can't take care of. The second problems is the sleeve length. know normally my chest size is right for a large combat style shirt, but my arms are long for my torso size so I typically buy an xl. However, thanks to the reviews written by joseph and nathan, I purchased a large. Even though my arms are longer than the average ''large guy'', the sleeves are still much too long. Again, this is a minor issue as I was able to just fold them up approximately 2'' eliminating the extra length. Obviously though it would be preferable to have correct sleeve length, especially so you can adjust the cuffs as you wish. Again, I really like this shirt so far! If 5.11 Can get those two issues resolved this shirt will be nearly perfect in my opinion. Great work 5.11!

  5. Initial Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I just received my shirt today and I am please with the overall quality. I prefer this shirt over my old tru combat shirt because of the mandarin style collar and the price. The mesh material is very breathable and light weight. My only gripe is that the sleeves are excessively long. it's no big deal since I plan on rolling up my sleeves during the summer, or when I overheat when playing paintball. The other issue (still sleeve related) is that the there is not enough velcro to secure the cuffs tightly. This can easily be fixed by sewing in some more velcro, but this is something that should have been there from the start. Not bad for a 1st gen product. I rated it 4.5/5 Because of the sleeve issues.

  6. Initial Impressions 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Just received one of the new 5.11 Ras. Compared to my tru-shirt, it is of a much better quality. I especially like the high moisture-wicking portions. The body is a 55 cotton 37 poly 8 spandex blend, as opposed to a 50/50 cotton/nylon blend on the tru. Velcro on top of pouches is too small for most patches, so a name tape might be the only thing you put there. My biggest issue with the ras is the sleeves. It appears they did not bother to change the sleeve sizing much between sizes, because the sleeves on the medium version are too large. Length-wise they are fine, but width wise they have a lot of excess fabric. Also, the cuff closures do not have enough velcro to cinch them tight, so you're cuffs may hang loose. This makes the pockets less than desirable to access because of the loose fabric. Out of good faith I am going to attribute this to a sizing issue or difference in body type. Construction gets a 4.5, Value a 4.5, But I will knock off a few points for the poor sizing. 4/5.