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What is the APCU?

The APCU (Advanced Protective Combat Uniform) is a cutting edge, 7-layer clothing system specifically designed for U.S. special forces, but can be used by any military, law enforcement or tactical operator. It also gives the modern warfighter more flexibility in layers to meet those changes in climate and mission. Designed by AdventureTech and distributed by Propper, some of the best minds in uniform design have played a role in the development of the APCU.

Built for Climate Change

Extreme hot and arid temperatures during the day followed by bone-chilling dips below freezing at night. This is what our men and women face in the rugged combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. The first goal of the APCU design team was to create a modular system that could defeat extreme climate changes faced by soldiers today. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, the AdventureTech team created 7 levels that span a range of 45°F to -50°F. While you would never wear all of the layers together, you can mix and match pieces to add base layer moisture-wicking, rain protection or extreme cold weather insulation. Click here to download the Layering Guide.



Extremely Lightweight

The APCU uses some of the most advanced technologies available to create an incredibly lightweight system. AdventureTech utilized fabrics and materials already used in high performance outdoor products so you can be sure that these pieces meet the approval of adventures worldwide. Take for example, the Level 6 Rain Jacket and Pants. This system uses the lightest Gore-Tex® fabric ever created. Together, both pieces combined weigh only 1.9 pounds!

Wide range of colors

In developing the products of the APCU line, Prooper ensured that the available color choices would meet the needs of most operators. Level I Base layers come in three standard colors: Alpha Green which is compatible with ACU and ABU uniforms. Coyote, compatible with MultiCam or Digital woodland and Black which works with everything else. As you move into the outwear, you will find that there are camouflage options of ACUPAT, ABU Digital and MultiCam.



Modular System

The key concept with the APCU is that the operator has the flexibility to mix and match pieces of the 7 level system to meet the demands of the mission or climate. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer and add a pullover for insulation. Then add a light rain jacket during a downpour. Finally if temperatures reach freezing, add the Level 7 insulated parka and pants to stay warm.

Made in the USA

The APCU uses some of the most advanced technologies available. As an added bonus, all components of the APCU are manufactured in the United States of America.