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BLACKHAWK! 8" Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boot

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The Blackhawk 8 In. Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boot is made from the finest materials available for long lasting comfort and performance.

  • Desert Tan is U.S. Army AR670-1 Compliant - What's this?
  • Lightweight, breathable, water-resistant Cordura panels and abrasion-resistant suede upper for rugged durability
  • Vibram Multisport oil-resistant TC4+ compound has large, open lugs for traversing debris and provides excellent traction on irregular surfaces
  • Fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from entering boot
  • Toe reinforcements and extra layer of suede in heel provide abrasion and scuff resistance
  • Steel shank provides additional support when under load of full pack
  • Dri-Lex inner lining wicks away moisture and dries quickly
  • Washable, antimicrobial, custom molded OrthoLite footbed provides quick-drying, breathable cushion that is highly abrasion resistant and will not break down or lose effectiveness over time
  • High-abrasion-resistant, non-woven back counter reinforcement lines inside of heel
  • Desert Tan complies with U.S. Army regulations
  • HEIGHT: 8"
  • Imported

COLORS: Black, Coyote Brown or Desert Tan



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  1. Great boot, but do have their limits 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    In the past 5 years I have bought 2 pairs of these boots. When I got my first pair I thought that they were the best thing I ever bought in my military career. Much better than issued boots and less expensive than some of the other brands out there. But like with anything, things do break down. Wear them all day everyday, buy some new insoles. Pretty simple. So here is MY issue with My boots. These things took a beating in Afghanistan. After these boots were already good and broke in, they got to spend a lot of time in mud and water. After a few missions where we were in that slop for up to 12 hours, these things started to break down. The stitching started to tear which opened up the seams in a couple of areas. I just ordered another pair at that point. Shipped to me in country. Still wearing that same pair. Just changed the insoles not too long ago. So all in all I do love these boots. But that's just me, a Warrant with 21 years in. If you want a pair, I suggest looking at Blackhawks site for the sizing chart. These boots are a great value IMHO.

  2. Best boots out there 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Let me start by saying i'm a PX ranger all the way. I get made fun of for it at my unit but let me tell you, i'll take the jokes and wear these boots all day everyday. I've had a pair of these boots for over two years and they are still working strong. The part I love is that they are WATERPROOF all the way up. I was standing in water up to 7in and my feet stayed dry. That sold me on these boots and I then got two more pair. They are long lasting, and feel amazing. only thing I would say is that these are summer boots, not that great in snow for keeping your feet warm, but with the right socks they are good. But again the water proof part is great. Also, they look good too. Look good, feel good, do good.

  3. CPT Candelaria and Blackhawk 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Troops let me tell you this pair of boots is the best ones that I had in my 14 year career. I bought them on my last deployment to Iraq in February 2011, and the performance of this boots is great. Since the day you put this boots on you will feel the difference, they don't need to be break in. The inserts mold to your feet with every step. They are great for hot weather, I don't really know about cold because I have not used them during the winter. But I'm about to buy my second pair and I believe that I will never buy a different pair. Awesome product.

  4. Comfortable but... 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    I bought these boots for everyday/ hiking. Very comfortable right out of the box. Light weight. Tons of grip. They do fit big so I'd suggest trying them on first. Feet still feel good after a long day. Downside, after 5 months, a rip has developed on the right boot, on the seam, beside the left lowest lacing hole. I am going to see if the local shoe repair can fix them. I was wearing snow shoes when I noticed the ripe.... don't know if my snow shoes caused the ripe or not.

  5. Best boot yet 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    These are the best boots I have tried yet. Comfortable from the moment I put them on, decent ankle support, good traction, held up well on many ruck marches and patrols. The only pair of boots I've ever had which came with a decent insole. Only downside, they are a little warm in the summer. Final summation: money well spent, my feet feel great!

  6. Great Boots However....... 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    These boots are the lightest, most comfortable, very athletic shoe like, I've ever owned or worn. No break in at all for me. I can't say if they're water proof or not as I've never had them in the rain, or been in standing water with them- other folks have said they're water proof so I'll have to run with that. I rated them at 4 stars, rather than higher for a sole reason. The soles are very soft- to the point rocks and other hard debris on the ground are very noticeable through them. I'm a contractor in Iraq, and my duty area is generally hard surface, I seldom wear body armor, and usually carry just a side arm-spare mags and a couple radios.....not much of a load really. I have to wonder how good these boots would be for serious off road humping in rough terrain- especially with a grunt like load out, given how soft and flexible the soles are. Other than that........they're a 5 star boot.

  7. Best investment for FEET 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I have been in the Navy, worked along Marines (as a Corpsman) and now I am serving In the Army. So I been around the block with many boots. These BLACKHAWKS are the FINEST and BEST BOOTS anyone that cares about their feet can wear. SImple and straight up front, they fit true to size and cater to the feet in the same sense as athletics shoes do. They look like boots, but once they are worn you forget that you have them on and can do just about anything rigourous or demanding. I only buy these now for the past three years now and it is the only thing that i buy (since everything else is issued) for missions. I rated it a 4.5 because when on a we surface, it tends to be a slippery, and rarely(depends on the batch)I find a pair of new boots that has the soles glued poorly.

  8. I must be on crack 2 Star Review

    Posted by

    I've read all the reviews below and I'm either talking about the wrong boot (which I just went to my closet where they have been since I bought them to double check) or I got a bad batch. These boots clearly weren't designed for my feet. Out of the box I noticed instantly how uncomfortable the sole was. It had no cushion at all. It was like walking barefoot on hard concrete. The boots seemed to be constructed well but the pain in my feet and back were unbearable so i stopped using them. I'd be better off buy new insoles for these boots that appear to have none. Maybe I was expecting too much from blackhawk.

  9. NO WAY! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    That was my initial reaction as soon as I put these boots on. I couldnt believe how comfortable they were straight out of the box. It felt like wearing a pair of tennis shoes! They were a life saver at Airborne school. Anyone that's ever been there can tell you that running all day will kill your feet. But I never had that problem with these boots. I could wear them all day. Very durable, reliable, and comfortable just put them on and go! I just had to buy a second pair. You definitely get your moneys worth. You can't go wrong! Go ahead and get yourself a pair. Highly recommended. You'll be glad you did!

  10. Great for POG's, Grunts... not so much 2 Star Review

    Posted by

    I got these boots on the advice on an air force buddy of mine, and why not. Reasonably priced, look pretty good cool, and blackhawk is generally a good company. Once I put them on I though WOW, these feel great. I honestly don't think I've ever had any footwear with the amount of squish in the insoles, It's like walking on pillows. Then (after about 2 months of daily wear for breaking in) I took them on a 10k hump with 60 lb ruck and I got all kinds of crazy blisters. And I went through my entire Marine Corps Career as a rifleman without a single blister. I gave them a second chance about month later on a 15k with a ruck. Even more blisters!!! I don't know if they're to soft and not supportive enough or what, but they just don't work. To top it off they're starting to fall apart too, after only 7 months of relatively light use. Not swimming in salt water or completely coating in mud or sand or any other crazy crap. All of which are things that my other boots have done regularly for much longer before encountering problems. Bottom line, there a lot like a 2 wheel drive hummer. They look rugged and are comfy on the inside, but they aren't something you'd want take off road, or tow a heavy load in. They look cool around town but not something you'd want to go to war in. Not by a long shot.

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