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BLACKHAWK! Tactical Serpa Holster

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Speed, comfort, reliable retention and the ability to reach your front pocket! The Blackhawk Tactical Serpa Holster allows a rapid draw and locks securely upon reholstering. Nothing to strap, snap, rotate or come undone.
  • Durable Carbon-Fiber Composite material
  • Thigh platform designed for breathability and conforms/molds to leg size
  • Y-Harness suspension distributes weight for load comfort
  • Swivel buckles on belt loops allow articulation for maximum flexibility
  • Serpa lock secures weapon until ergonomically released by simple indexing of finger
  • Drawing and reholstering is done with full master grip on weapon
  • Tension screw for additional security
  • Hole in holster body for bungee retention if desired
  • NOTE: This holster no longer comes with rails. To purchase rails for this holster see item #32267
  • Made in the USA

COLORS: Black, Coyote Tan, Foliage or Olive Drab




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  1. Rob / Usaf Sf 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I arm up with a m9 pistol almost every day for duty. We were issued the safarilands which became uncomfortable and complete garbage for the work do whether it be standing at a gate for 14 hours or doing dismounted patrols/vehicle patrols. I bought the bh level 2 serpa hands down one of the best gear upgrades I have made. Comfortability, reliability, tactical, design, quality, appearance it had it all. I have nothing but confidence in this holster and recommend it to fellow military and le officers.

  2. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Although I did not buy this platform from this site I just had to put in my 2 cents. I am currently on deployment and I have been using this holster ever since I got in country. I have used the safarilands and I wouldn't trade my serpa for any other holster on the market right know. I have been suspended in the upside down position for a good amount of time and my secondary never moved once. I am planning on buying one of these holsters from blackhawk when I get back for my personal carry. Great job blackhawk. Keep the cool toys coming to all of us and I know you're business will skyrocket. V/r p.D.

  3. Outstanding Tactical Thigh Holster. 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I have used several different tactical thigh rigs over the years, and I can honestly say, this one is the best that I have ever seen or used. It is difficult to appreciate the hardcore design, quality, materials, and workmanship that had gone into this holster, until you see it in person. I have owned and used several of the safariland 6004 tactical thigh rigs, and while they are fine for urban jump out raids, they just do not compare to this holster. The photos do not do this holster justice. The holster and platform material is lightweight, yet very heavy duty. The y-harness works better than I could have imagined, and the weapon retention system is innovative, secure, and allows a simple fast draw. The thigh platform had a well fitting curve, and the two leg straps are semi-covered in a durable rubber compound that prevents them from riding up or slipping. Pair this rig up with one of blackhawk's tactical cqb rigger belts, and you will not be dissappointed. This rig is perfect for tactical urban law enforcement or hardcore military use. Excellent job blackhawk!

  4. Serpa 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Blackhawk continues to make the best gear in the market today. While on the range teaching I never am without it. Not only is it nice to wear but the draw is smooth and easy. The serpa lock technology indexes you trigger finger to be in the right place everytime. A must for military and swat teams who need a great holster. know maybe we can get blackhawk to make this to fit out lights as well.

  5. Finally! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I've been in iraq for 8 months patrolling the western baghdad area. I've used the specops and the safariland thigh rigs and have been mildly disappointed. Blackhawk got this one right! Extremely comfortable and balanced due to the dual harness. The serpa lock is very easy and secure. The rail system isn't a gimmick, and the cqc carbon fiber mag holders work seamlessly with this holster. I have no reservations about recommending this to anyone that needs to wear an m9 all the time. Thanks blackhawk. Thanks us cav!