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BugBand Wristband
Item#  36619
BugBand Wristband

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Olive Drab Red Yellow Pink

This over-sized wristband is used by the Armed Forces, outdoor enthusiasts and others working in insect infested areas. BugBand, uses the new patented Geraniol insect repellant that has proven to outperform both Citronella and Deet. Repels mosquitoes, flies, fleas, gnats and no-see-ums.

An effective alternative to synthetic traditional pesticides, protecting children and adults from biting insects while avoiding the risks associated with irritating chemicals. BugBand is not only a safer choice, it is more effective.

Many repellents are easily diluted or rinsed off with swimming or perspiration, but not this wristband-it just keeps working. The vapors from the wristband form a protective shield around the immediate area, keeping blood sucking insects a safe distance from the person wearing this convenient plastic band. The band is designed with a patented break-away strap that snaps if the band is entangled and pulls on the person's arm. The wristband is packaged in an innovative reusable plastic pot which can be used to store the wristband between uses. The wristband has an active life of up to 120 hours. This life can be preserved if the band is sealed between uses. The band can also be worn on belt loops, hatbands, fastened in tents, attached to baby carriages or applied to other areas where insects could be a problem.

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  • Made in the USA
  • COLORS: Blue, Olive Drab, Pink or Yellow

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    Weight: 0.05 lbs.

    Don't go mobile, then it's great!

    It's great, just don't go anywhere. Its a great alternative to a fogger or something, just don't expect the repellent to keep up with you if you move around a lot. It kind of hangs in the air and when you move/walk/run that invisible mist doesn't keep up with you. It's nice if you're on a porch, in a tent, or if you're in a hunting hide.
    Edward A. Taylor - June 22, 2010
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