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Petzl TacTikka Plus Headlamp

This headlamp has the ability to switch between white or red-filtered proximity lighting along with long battery duration.
item # 26689
Average Rating: 5 star rating
SALE! Regular Price: $45.99
Sales Price: $34.88
Petzl Cordex Lightweight Belay/Rappel Gloves

These lightweight belay/rappel gloves combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a fine driving glove.
item # 33080 Price: $39.99
Petzl Tactikka Plus Adapt 4 LED Headlamp

3 lighting levels, red flip filter and Adapt mounting system.
item # 34958 Price: $58.99
Petzl Cordex Plus Mid-weight Belay/Rappel Gloves

These mid-weight belay/rappel gloves offer extra protection without sacrificing dexterity.
item # 34960 Price: $49.99
Petzl Adapt Tikka Family Multi-Mount System

Increase the versatility of your Tikka of Zipka family headlamp.
item # 35899 Price: $21.99
Petzl Tikka2 Pouch

Protects headlamps from impact and scratches.
item # 35900 Price: $15.99
Petzl E+Lite Ultra-Compact Emergency Headlamp

Ultra-compact, ultra-light (less than 5cm long and only 27g) emergency headlamp to always have with you.
item # 40162 Price: $29.99
Petzl Strix VL Headlamp

Specifically designed to respond to the requirements of the military during operations where stealth is key.
item # 40624 Price: $94.99
Petzl Tactikka + Headlamp

Designed for activities where stealth is key: hunting, fishing, nature watching, etc.
item # 40890 Price: $44.99
Petzl Tactikka +RGB Headlamp

Meets the need for versatility in activities where stealth is key: hunting, fishing, nature watching, etc.
item # 40891 Price: $49.99