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Revision Sawfly Deluxe Kit

Fit, function, comfort and an unmatched level of protection designed specifically for the military.
item # 28648
Average Rating: 4.5 star rating
Watch Video Price: $103.99
Revision Sawfly Prescription Carrier

Exactly what the doctor and your C.O. ordered: a Sawfly carrier for your prescription lenses.
item # 28696
Average Rating: 5 star rating
Price: $21.99
Revision Bullet Ant Tactical Goggles - Deluxe Kit

This deluxe kit includes the clear and neutral gray lenses found in the Bullet Ant Essential Kit, plus high-contrast lenses for use under hazy or cloudy conditions.
item # 29542 Price: $122.99
Revision Bullet Ant Tactical Goggles - Essential Kit

Slim profile design provides optimal fit, high-impact protection, wide field-of-view, plus helmet and night-vision gear compatibility. Essential Kit includes neutral gray and clear lenses.
item # 29543 Price: $90.99
Revision Desert Locust Deluxe Goggle

The Desert Locust military goggle combines the best ballistic protection and widest field-of-view with a perfect facial and helmet fit, making it the ultimate protective eyewear for extended use.
item # 30265 Watch Video Price: $125.99
Revision Desert Locust Essential Goggle

Designed as the ultimate protective eyewear, the unique two-tiered anti-fogging system endures clear vision while the optically correct goggle lens is engineered to maximize field-of-view and provide unprecedented visual clarity.
item # 30266 Price: $92.99
Revision Sawfly Military 2 Lens Kit

Stop your squinting with a Revision Sawfly Military 2 Lens Kit! Adjustable and helmet-friendly, this kit comes complete with two interchangeable lenses that sharpen vision no matter what the environment or time of day.
item # 30755
Average Rating: 5 star rating
Watch Video Price: $72.99
Revision Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses

These sunglasses perform a double duty - protecting your eyes from unexpected fragments and environmental elements both on the job and off.
item # 32854 Price: $81.99
Revision Desert Locust PDQ Quick Release System

Replaces the standard strap that comes with the Revision Desert Locust to make the goggles and NVG mounts fit more comfortably.
item # 33770 Price: $32.99
Revision Sawfly Deluxe Shooters Kit

The proven performance of the Revision Sawfly, now with an interchangeable Vermillion lens that is perfect for shooters.
item # 33771 Watch Video Price: $99.99