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CamelBak Cleaning Kit

An innovative way to keep your delivery tube and reservoir clean. Includes reservoir brush and tube brush for a complete cleaning solution.
item # 17377 Price: $11.99
CamelBak Big Bite Valve w/Hydrolink Adapter

Made from medical grade silicone, our patented Big Bite Valve supplies unmatched water flow with ease. Just bite and sip! Works with all CamelBak systems.
item # 17378 Watch Video Price: $6.99
CamelBak CamelClip

The stainless steel CamelClip keeps your water source close to the mouth by fastening the delivery tube onto clothing, web gear, or straps.
item # 19616 Price: $5.99
CamelBak Reservoir Dryer

Allows your reservoir to dry quickly and completely and the collapsible design allows for easy insertion and removal.
item # 19622 Price: $10.99
CamelBak 100 oz. MaXimum Gear MotherLode

No matter what the assignment, no matter what the gear, CamelBak's MotherLode can handle it. Haul over 2100 of gear and 100 ounces of water effortlessly on a independent suspension harness.
item # 19674
Average Rating: 4.5 star rating
Watch Video Price: $229.99
CamelBak HydroLink Bite Valve Cover

Fitting CamelBak's unique HydroLink Valve, this dual-purpose cover keeps your bite valve clean and protects it in extreme weather, work, or operational conditions.
item # 19691 Price: $10.99
CamelBak HydroLink Conversion Kit w/HydroLock

Controls the flow of water with the flip of a switch. Turn on to drink and turn off for added security during transport.
item # 20386
Average Rating: 5 star rating
Watch Video Price: $10.99
CamelBak H.A.W.G. Max Gear

This pack is a favorite of the Navy SEALS. If it's tough enough for them, it's tough enough for anybody.
item # 22542
Average Rating: 5 star rating
Price: $179.99
CamelBak Sabre

Whether you are a motorcycle cop or a construction worker, hydration is an important part of a safe workday. No matter where you work, the Sabre delivers clean, cool water while on the job. Basic. Tough. Cost-effective.
item # 22931
Average Rating: 4 star rating
Price: $47.99
CamelBak MaXimum Gear ThermoBak 2L

Durable and comfortable, CamelBak's ThermoBak 2L will be your most relied on tool in the field. In fact, this system has proven itself with every branch of the US Military. With 70 ounces (2.0L) of clean water you'll be able to push harder and longer. And, when it's time to refill, external access keeps your downtime to a minimum.
item # 22944 Price: $60.99