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11 item(s) found matching LED Lenser.

LED Lenser V2 Tactical Light

Lightweight and ergonomic housing with an amazing 104 Lumens output for a distance of 740 feet.
item # 30137
Average Rating: 4 star rating
Price: $40.99
LED Lenser P5 Flashlight

Small, lightweight and saves energy, but at the same time produces an amazing 90+ Lumens of light.
item # 34119 Price: $49.99
LED Lenser V2 Dual Color Tactical Flashlight

Designed specifically for law enforcement with a red LED setting to preserve night vision.
item # 34120
Average Rating: 5 star rating
Price: $30.99
LED Lenser Automotive Rechargeable Flashlight

Crystal lens casts a circular, shadow-free beam that is perfect for reading a map, looking in the glove box, or checking under the seat.
item # 39722 Price: $21.99
LED Lenser M5 Flashlight

One of the most economical light sources on the market.
item # 39724 Price: $59.99
LED Lenser P3 AFS P Flashlight

Less than two ounces and 75 brilliant lumens.
item # 39725 Price: $40.99
LED Lenser X14 Dual LED Flashlight

X-Lens Technology - two LEDs focused into one powerful beam.
item # 39726 Watch Video Price: $149.99
LED Lenser X21R Rechargeable Flashlight

With a jaw-dropping 1,600 Lumens on high and a powerfurl 280 on low, this may just be the most powerful handheld LED on the market.
item # 39727 Price: $550.99
LED Lenser X7R Rechargeable Flashlight

This unique light features X-Lens Technology, focusing two LEDs into one powerful, 500 Lumens beam.
item # 39728 Watch Video Price: $199.99
LED Lenser Tac Torch & T5E Combo Pack

Two compact LED flashlights for all your lighting needs.
item # 40495 Price: $48.99