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6 item(s) found matching SOG Speciality Knives.

SOG EOD PowerLock w/Cap Crimper

The only compound leverage blasting cap crimper. Pivoting handle covers increase comfort and allow more pressure to be exerted on tough jobs.
item # 25350 Price: $79.99
SOG SEAL Pup Elite Knife

High performance new edition to the SOG SEAL family of products.
item # 28631
Average Rating: 4.5 star rating
Price: $101.99
SOG Trident

This assisted opening knife also features the patent-pending Groove, which allows you to cut cords and cables without opening the blade.
item # 28715
Average Rating: 4 star rating
Price: $96.99
Fusion by SOG Tactical Tomahawk

An extreme evolution of the original Vietnam Tomahawk which was considered one of the more unusual weapons of its day.
item # 36548 Price: $50.99
SOG FastHawk Tomahawk

Faster, lighter, more agile and easier to carry than its sibling the Tactical Tomahawk.
item # 38292
Average Rating: 5 star rating
Price: $40.99
SOG Throwing Knives

Not only fun to sail through the air, but practical as well.
item # 38293 Price: $43.99