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New Balance 8 In. JungleLite Boot 6.5 REG

$142.99 List price:

Government Export Restriction

This item may be regulated for export by the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Department of Commerce. Please see our Export Policy prior to placing your order.


*This ittem has been discontinued.

The New Balance 8 In. JungleLite Boot is the lightest jungle boot on the market today. The updated Vietnam-style boot featured the best materials and workmanship so that you will be comfortable in those wet and damp environments.

  • Microfiber PU upper with breathable Nylon panels
  • High traction non-squeak outsole
  • Mesh ventilation ports throughout the boot
  • Reinforced lace loops
  • Variable sausage laces will not come untied
  • Lightweight full length composite molded shank
  • Footbed is perforated to allow water drainage
  • HEIGHT: 8.00"
  • Imported

SIZES: 6-11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15 Reg

COLOR: Black

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  1. The Best Boot I Have Ever Worn 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I have been wearing a pair of these since the end of 2008 daily and they are still holding up very well here in the end of 2012 after taking heavy abuse and daily wear. They are in the condition it takes me about 3 months to put other good quality boots in. Replaced the strings with 550 cord and locks out of the box (personal pref) but had good quality laces already. Also they clean up very easy. Makes me feel lazy not having to shine them. Just like when we switched from crisp heavy starched BDU to pull em on right out of the dryer acu. Highest quality, excelent comfort, quick break in and the light material seems to help keep the boots from getting feild funk. I hope these never get discontinued in black like the altama ripple sole.

  2. These Are One Of The Best Pairs I Own 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I purchased these boots five years ago and I still wear them on a daily basis. They are comfortable, broke in quickly and are a joy to wear. Unlike most other jungle boots, they are insanely lightweight. I have chosen to wear these over running shoes to go on a run before. The materials used and manufacturing are top notch making these jungle boots second to none.

  3. .5 Size Small, And The Od Green Is On The Tangreen Side. 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Picked these up back in feb of this year. Initial impression was this is another high performance/short life product out of china. Very tennis shoe like in weight and material. I think of my boots as foot/ankle armor. Noway do I think these would protect against a snake bite or anything else that may impact my foot. However I did get my foot caught in a broken pallet at work and raked the top of my foot across a jagged splintery plank with some nails protruding through the end, and to my surprise not even a scratch. I thought for sure that was going to rip right through the soft/thin black skin. So no failures in the work place. Out of doors these function just as they say. Fast, lite, an quick drying. I did notice that with a medium sized pack (40-50lb) I could feel the terrain. While it never bothered me (ymmv) or hurt my feet, I always knew when the ball of my foot was on a stick or a rock. The black portion being so thin also transferred the suns radiant heat through to my foot very very well. At first I considered this a negative but once I got my boots submerged I think this actually aided the drying out process and in no time my feet felt sweaty but not soggy and with a change of socks I was high an dry after maybe an hour. The sole is soft and tacky which I have found to be good on just about everything. Damp moss covered rocks are slippery no matter what you're wearing. I did find that it squeaks on sealed floors always, and on wet grass if I wasn't careful. The sausage laces. Nice that they do never come untied really but they can be a bit rough on the top of you're feet and I have thought often about swapping them out with 550 cord. All in all good lite boots that do what the brochure says. know if the thors ever come back in stock i'll be on to my third pair of otbs having picked up the ferdelance on sale ($50.00) Here. A lot of boot for the money on that deal.

  4. Runs Short And Wide 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    This is not a complete review per se because I only wore the boots on my carpet, as the largest size was too short for me. Just as general info for a potential purchaser: they seemed extremely light, cool, and cushioned, like very high-topped running shoes. Nice for some purposes, but didn't seem as if they'd be durable for some applications compared to old-fashioned construction. This is not a complaint, just an observation that you might find useful. If you have a short, fat foot, these may be good for you. know the rant: what is it with the fantastic shrinking shoe last? I assume it had to do with the offshore production of footwear over the past 20 years. As I wear an old fashioned 13 1/2 narrow, the size 14 in this boot was waaaay short and wide. The dod in it's wisdom had again stopped sourcing narrow sizes in gov't spec boots (this info I received from altama), so I got surplus jungles on ebay ($12.00, Size 13 1/2 n) that fit me perfectly, made in 1986. If you wear a narrow size, better jump on some surplus boots before they disappear forever!

  5. The Boot! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    What a boot. I bought these for mil sim paintball and have put them through the ringer. They are very light and feel almost like a pair of sneakers. Out scenarios run anywhere from eight to twenty-four hours and require a very good pair of boots. I've trudged through swamps, sand, and some rocky terrain. These boots have taken it all. They did run a good half size small. The only drawback I have found is that they make a lot of noise while walking on sealed floors, when wet. Other than that...A fantastic boot.

  6. Black And O.D. 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Very comfortable and lite. I tried both black and green. They do run small and I went a size bigger. The o.D. Is more of a green/tan I guess but I loved it anyway. I do recommend these.

  7. Black Junglelite Boots 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    They are very comfortable, but run about a 1/2 size small. They required about 10-12 days break in time to get rid of all the rubbing and pinching around the ankle and low on the shin. They drain really well and do not let the muck into the boot. Water flows in and out pretty easily. Invest in a good pair of non-absorbent socks and you'll be good to go. Wore these for a week straight in central florida, on my feet all day in the outdoors and I couldn't have asked for better performance. You won't regret this buy! Definitely kinder to my feet than discount boots from the surplus store.

  8. Amazing Boots 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Of all the combat boot i've worn in 15 years these are by far the lightest and most comfortable i've ever come across. Ran 2 miles in them and felt like running shoes. I cant even describe how much I love these things. Been wearing them daily for over a month and no scuffs present and i've put them through h***. Breath great, just awesome. Only 2 problems I really had with them and they are very very minor. First I ditched the laces with in 2 days. The sausage laces are a pain and hurt a nit on the foot. Replaced them with good old fashion black laces and no problamo. And when it says olive drab, it doen't mean army green like vietnam era boots. This is far more brown/ khaki. Other than that perfect! Get a pair and you'll love them.

  9. Otb Junglelite 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Very comfortable and light weight. Like a sneaker. Does seem to run a half size small.