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U.S. Cavalry Offers Helmet and Headset Upgrades from Oregon Aero®

U.S. Cavalry Offers Helmet and Headset Upgrades from Oregon Aero®

Radcliff, KY- February 6, 2006 - U.S. Cavalry, the world’s leading multichannel merchant of military, law enforcement and homeland security equipment, proudly introduces its new line of products from Oregon Aero®, the BLU™ Kit Helmet Upgrade and the Military Headset Upgrade Kit.

The BLU™ Kit Military Helmet Upgrade is a seven-pad helmet liner system, including a crown pad, 4 oval pads and 2 trapezoid pads. In military testing, the BLU™ Kit offered dramatic improvements in levels of transmitted shock loads. Always stable, even with externally mounted equipment, the BLU™ Kit is pain-free, no matter how long it is worn. The visco-elastic temperature and pressure sensitive padding system removes all pressure points; while the waterproof, air-permeable coating and self-wicking fabric lets cooler heads prevail by drawing heat and perspiration away from the scalp. The BLU™ Kit makes MICH and ACH helmets positively buoyant for safer amphibious actions, too.

Turn down your radio volume! It’s not that you can’t hear your cockpit radio (even though it’s on high volume), it’s that you can’t understand what’s being said in the voice frequency range. The Oregon Aero® Military Headset Upgrade Kit solves these headset issues and more - eliminating pain and discomfort while improving communications by buffering ambient cockpit noise and attenuating the voice frequency range. The Military Headset Upgrade Kit includes 5 key components: the SoftTop™ Headset Cushion, the SoftSeal™ Ear Cushions, the SoftSkin™ Ear Seal Covers, the HushKit™ Passive Earcup Noise Attenuation Kit and the MicMuff™ Microphone Cover.

The SoftTop™ Headset Cushion features plush sheepskin wool which is moisture proof, self-wicking and so comfortable on your head. The SoftSeal™ Ear Cushions conform to your head, eliminating ear pressure and eyewear discomfort, while the SoftSkin™ Ear Seal Covers keep your ears cooler and drier. The self-wicking action reduces perspiration build-up, making them ideal for hot, humid climates. The HushKit™ Passive Earcup Noise Attenuation Kit dramatically improves noise attenuation and intelligibility and the MicMuff™ Microphone Cover lets a noise canceling mic do its job by eliminating ambient cockpit noise. In fact, the noisier the cockpit (warbirds, open cockpit, large engine aircraft), the more dramatic the improvement in noise reduction and clarity. The soft, washable leatherette cover over a foam sleeve creates a chamber around the microphone, which limits cockpit noise, but does not interfere with voice clarity.

About U.S. Cavalry: U.S. Cavalry, headquartered in Radcliff, Kentucky, has served professionals for over 30 years by delivering the world’s finest equipment, services and training. The company serves its customers through managed accounts, retail stores, mail order catalogs and web site. For more information, log onto to www.uscav.com or call 800-777-7172 today.

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