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U.S. Cavalry Carries Mitigator®, the Insect Sting Neutralizer

RADCLIFF, KY (January 26, 2006) U.S. Cavalry, the world’s leading multi-channel merchant of military, law enforcement and homeland security equipment, is now carrying Mitigator® Sting and Bite Treatment that eliminates itching and pain quickly, neutralizes toxins and helps prevent blistering and scaring. Mitigator’s unique formula is effective against fire ants, chiggers, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies and jellyfish. Mitigator contains no antihistamines that may cause drowsiness.

Mitigator works by gently removing the dead skin at the site of the bite or sting. This action also stimulates circulation while drawing the toxin to the surface of the skin. Scrubbing with Mitigator® also opens the pores of the skin, extracting the toxin while an enzyme, Papain, neutralizes the toxin on contact.

Tested and found effective enough for soldiers in the field, Mitigator is safe to use on children, with only one application necessary to neutralize the venom or toxins and eliminate the pain and itching often associated with bites and stings, while neutralizing the venom or toxins. Packaged to individually treat over 20 bites or stings, Mitigator is available at the U.S. Cavalry online for $3.99.

About U.S. Cavalry: U.S. Cavalry, headquartered in Radcliff, Kentucky, has served professionals for over 30 years by delivering the world’s finest equipment, services and training. The company serves its customers through managed accounts, retail stores, mail order catalogs and web site. For more information, log onto to www.uscav.com or call 800-777-7172 today.

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