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Tru-Spec H2O Proof Gen I ECWCS Parka

Item#  29381
Tru-Spec H2O Proof Gen I ECWCS Parka

Tru-Spec H2O Proof Gen I ECWCS Parka

Tru-Spec H2O Proof Gen I ECWCS Parka

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Price: $85.88
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Three layer, windproof, waterproof and breathable construction and taped seams keep the weather at bay in the Tru-Spec H2O Proof Gen I ECWCS Parka.

  • Non-freezing two-way zipper
  • Removable Microfleece liner can be worn separately
  • Oversized attached hood with drawstring
  • Insignia/badge loop on front placket
  • Double reinforced elbows
  • 3 pocket design; Adjustable sleeve cuffs
  • Zippered underarms for ventilation
  • Velcro brand strips to attach name tape, branch tape and rank
  • Imported















Sleeve Length

28 3/4

29 3/4

30 3/4

31 3/4

32 3/4

33 3/4


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WEIGHT: 2.05 lbs.

Have had it for over 5 and a half years
I have used this jacket for military duty and civilian use...it is the warmest coat I own. The only issue I have, which is why I rate 4.5 and not a 5 is that I have troubles sometimes with starting the zipper, my only gripe, but overall, I recomment at the utmost. My only advice is to maby get one size larger than usual...I bought an Large initally (which is/was my size), but it seem a tad small so I gave to the wife and bought an XXL and it was perfect (however XL could have just been fine). If you are going to buy the ACUPAT for Army duty (officers have to buy all their own uniforms...out of pocket, plus we don't get a free lunch either), understand the hue is just slightly off, but not overly noticable. I wish the GEN I would be offered in Multicam, I would buy that too. Again, I can not stress enough how warm it is and how it cuts the wind. I have been in many cold, biting wind gust while wearing this coat, more in civilian mode than military, and coupled with my fleece cap and insulated gloves, I had endured the severe weather for extended period of time. It is not water off a ducks back water proof, but I have used this coat many of times in the rain, and for short periods it is excellent. However, if you plan to be out in the rain for extended amount of time, use a poncho, this item seems to get slightly soaked, but not in a bad way.

Joseph - January 29, 2014
Tru-Spec vs MILSPEC
It does shed water and with the liner will break the wind and keep you warm in mild winter weather. You will have to wear more for colder extremes to stay warm. The size runs small like most off-shore aftermarket products. I ordered a large expecting it to be oversized to fit over bulky clothes like the MILSPEC version but I was wrong. It fits snug like a normal jacket you wear over normal clothes, so you need to order one size larger. The zipper is a complete piece of crap because it doesn't work like a normal zipper Instead of fulling on the tab you have to hold the slider down against the end with your whole right hand with your thumb pushing the slider down with your other fingers pulling the righthand side zipper up to keep it tensioned. With your left hand, you grip the tab with you thumb and index finger and put your middle finger underneath the slider to push the slider up at the same time your using your ring and pinky fingers to pull the left-hand side zipper down. You need to do all that at the same time to get the two-way zipper to properly line up. With a little practice ypu will get the hang of it. It's without a doubt the most unorthodox way to zip anything but it's the only way to zip this parka without destroying the poorly designed/built zipper. Included are some Velcro tabs for a ruff which isn't available.

John - November 22, 2013
Cheap, but...
Cheap compared to other brands, but expensive for the piece of junk that it is. Zipper never worked...Sized too small...removable fleece is a joke. Colors are not spec. This really doesn't belong in the USCAV lineup.

Eric - December 15, 2010
Ok guys i purchased this for my son and here we go lol, In my opinion dont even bother with this cheap imported jacket(or any military clothing from uscav). Color fades pink and doesnt even come close to matching standard acu military pattern/color. Its useless for on duty, if i were to wear this into my office i would be the laughing stock for a month. For real guys buy from propper its standard military issue and is worth every penny when it comes to quality/durability/pattern/color/fading and sizing because its MILITARY ISSUE. ps. it can also be purchased by civilians. Thanks

Justin - December 6, 2010
I just recived this item today, the GEN 1 Parka. It comes with a fleece lineing that can be zipped out. now the fleece is nothing to brag about, my sleeves were not short. It did not have the hook and loop tapes on it although they were in a small bag attached to the color wich is good if your non MIL persons. the jacket is heavy and comfy. i did buy the next size up and fits great. Im not sure about the ACU pattern i bought the Woodland because that is the pattern we wore when i was in but its ok, the stripes are kinda sharp but not a biggy.

Erik - October 15, 2010
Read the reviews about running small, so I bought a size up and it fit perfectly. the fleece isn't anything special, but it does zip in fine and has snaps to secure it to the shell. However, the standard issue ruff does not fit this jacket, the snaps are incompatible.

Scott - September 17, 2010
Ive not noticed any of the problems mentioned in the review such as pinkish color, being out of spec, or poor zipper construction. A few points to make: 1. The size does run small and short. The Small fit me very much in the way that a (small/short) or (small/x-short) USGI does which is a huge plus for me as I normally have to buy genuins USGI because the shorter sizes (big bucks and hard to find!). 2. If you did not receive a liner with velcroe, I would contact USCav. Mine did come with it as shown. 3. The neck area can get a little bunched up in the front and make it tough to keep the lapel down. I suspect this may be due to the permanent exposed hood. Not a deal breaker by any means, just noticable. 4. The rank loop attachment seemed to be a little wide for the loop that I received. Im not sure which was out of spec, but after some cramming and a bit of massaging it does go on and looks fine. All in all I can say that im very happy with my purchase and it serves me as needed. Seeing as how our SDF does not operate under the conditions and duration of time as our boys overseas in combat, I find $90 alot easier to swallow than $300+.

Byron - February 24, 2010
Color limits use
The color of my Gen 1 jacket is so far off Mil-Spec I can't wear it as an MP. I have purchased a Mil-Spec Gen III jacket from a different vendor so I can actually wear the jacket on duty. The zipper for the fleece has separated several times all on its own. What were they thinking with the drawstring waist on the fleece? As others have said I am normally a MED/REG, but with this jacket the MED/REG only fits if the fleece is not included. This is AFTER I had lost 25lbs too!

Enda - January 28, 2010
Great Parka! Size too small! Fleece...?
Of course I had the same issue with the size being too small. But other than that the parka is great, especially in the wind. The fleece, well, not so great. The sleeves are a bit shorter and they tend to pull up. I won't be able to wear just the fleece by it self. Anyway, for the price, it is a great parka!

Sly - January 12, 2010
Pretty good for the price. Order one size larger than your issue size, runs small.

Phillip - January 25, 2009
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