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Petzl TacTikka XP

Item#  30330
Petzl TacTikka XP

Petzl TacTikka XP

Petzl TacTikka XP

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Price: $38.88
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Ships in 24-48 hours
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Developed with a great deal of input from Special Operation teams, the traditional strapping system of the Petzl TacTikka XP delivers hands free lighting that meets the needs of soldiers.

  • Up to 40 Lumen output
  • Single, powerful LED with white, even lighting and long light duration
  • Powerful focused beam with 3 lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic) and strobe mode, to adapt the light to activity and light duration needs
  • Boost mode - 50% more light than the maximum level for 20 seconds
  • Wide Angle lens for diffuse, proximity lighting
  • Battery level indicator
  • Light beam can be aimed where desired
  • Adjustable and comfortable elastic headband
  • Water-resistant for all-weather use
  • Lightweight (3.2 oz)
  • Adapt kit sold separately (Item #30329)
  • RUNTIME: 80 hours at 27 meters in the optimum setting
  • Imported

COLORS: Camo or Desert

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WEIGHT: 0.25 lbs.

This is the best headlight. Perfect brightness, I bought a more expensive petzel with an external battery pack for $70-80 bucks and this one is way better. Great battery life and has a good distance. I can see white tails over 100yds in pitch black.

Erik - January 21, 2013
Best Headlight I have ever had!
I've been in the army for 5 years now, and am currently on my 2nd deployment to Afghanistan. Last deployment i went through a few headlight, some couldnt take the weather, some broke when i dropped them. But this one has been throught he** and back and never slowed down. Ive dropped out of MRAP's, off the top of a guard tower. Its been through rain, snow, ice, everything. I love all the color filters it has. (we change our light color on every other mission or so, so they cant tell who it is coming) The battery light is awesome and the battery meter on the side is very very helpful! all and all this is the best headlight ive owned and i will buy 2 or 3 more if this one ever breaks! (which i doubt it ever will!)

Briggs - November 10, 2011
This head lamp is fantastic!!
I currently am a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. Before my unit deployed for a 15 month OIF rotation, we were all issued these Tactikka XP headlamps. I had never used one and thought that it was just another piece of gear. How wrong I was. This headlamp is extremely tough and provides a constant brilliant beam of light. This is crucial in the extreme darkness during the evening here. It also has 3 light setting and a light boost for when extra light is needed. This light was always in my pocket ready to go at a moments notice. I can't imagine how difficult my time would have been here without this light. I like it so much, I am ordering more of them for my friends and family.

Eric - September 12, 2008
Can't Seem To Take it Off!!
I bought this Petzl headlamp after much research. I think it is the best buy I have made in quite some time. I initially bought it for my frequent photo treks to the back country and for use in my activities as a Marines Reservist in the Chilean Navy. But I have found myself using this headlamp in the most curious and incredible situations, such as while tinkering in smaller or larger home activities. I recently went on a Marines training activity where we had to perform night patrols and amphibious night time operations. The lamp not only excelled in harsh environments: it was the envy of all my buddies! Everyone kept asking where I had bought it, for how much, etc. Best features: unbelievable beam intensity, 3 power levels plus Intermittent and boost mode. Waterproof. Wears so comfortably you will barely feel it, even after long hours. Colored filters allow for flexibility and tactical night use. You won't believe how long the batteries last in this thing: I must have used it for almost 3 hours now since I bought it and the battery indicator is still in green... with 3 AAA batteries and this performance, energy availability is definitely not an issue with this lamp. Go ahead and buy it confidently, you will be proud of your purchase!!!

Marco - August 29, 2007
Great Light
Perfect for land nav. The best light I have ever owned.

Jordan - January 19, 2007
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PetzlPetzl TacTikka XPDeveloped with a great deal of input from Special Operation teams, the traditional strapping system of the TacTikka XP delivers hands free lighting that meets the needs of soldiers.
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