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Condor Modular Butt Pack

Item#  31261
Condor Modular Butt Pack

Condor Modular Butt Pack

Condor Modular Butt Pack

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Price: $21.88
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Olive Drab

Stow away your gear for the long hike in the Condor Modular Butt Pack, that features a total of five spacious compartments to hold all of your mission essentials.

  • 3 large utility pockets with barrel lock drawstring and full-flap cover secured by quick-release plastic buckle and adjustable webbing system
  • Fully lined main compartment with roll-down rain cover
  • Zippered pocket on the top flap of outside compartment for stowing first aid items
  • Grommets on the bottom of all pockets for drainage
  • 2 lacing tabs on the bottom of all pockets for drainage
  • 2 adjustable compression straps
  • DIMENSIONS: 15.00" x 15.00" x 8.00"
  • Imported

COLORS: <Olive Drab

WEIGHT: 1.5 lbs.

Good all around
I recently ordered one of these for my father. He has serious back trauma from an accident is assembling a light carry harness system with various pouches and add-ons to suit his needs, as opposed to a big pack system such as ALICE that do not tend to agree with his injuries being in his mid-back. Even my 5.11 Rush24 tends to aggravate him. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this product. The main compartment is quite large (enough storage for at least a days worth of food and a couple water bottles with room to spare) with a small dry zippered pocket on the outside (great for gloves or glasses in a hard case) and inside of the flap (perfect for small kits like combustion or fishing kits, or a great spot for gear to keep dry like maps). Condor has done their best to make it as water resistant/proof as possible with a built-in dry bag system that operates by drawstring. The outside pouches employ the same dry system. There are also small sleeves behind each exterior pouch, the potential to modify into sleeves for hatchets or other tools, even a holster, do exist for the industrious types. The three exterior pouches each could hold up to 3 AR-15 30-round magazines with spacers (I personally tested all storage examples I have given) to stop the rattling just so you get the picture on the size of this little guy. The material is double-stiched and strong all over this product. There is the trouble for those ALICE lovers of the absence of D rings, but there's no sense complaining about it when D rings could be easily added without much hassle. An addition of MOLLE on the bottom or just tie-straps for a poncho or tarp would've also added to the sweetness, but just like D rings, these can be added by anyone with spare time that can sew. I will be ordering one these for myself and I am very picky about the gear I use. I am not sure about all the colors, however the OD is very nice and blends well with other OD products as well as my Multicam pack.

James - April 19, 2012
Nice Large Butt Pack
I liked the size of the pack, it carries most basic outdoor/hunting gear (poncho, day or so rations, a few other odds and ends). It seems durable enough. Works great with Condor Hydration Tac Vest I purchased earlier: slung low enough on vest back, this won't interfere much with hydration bladder inside back of vest. Could use some D rings and/or MOLLE webbing to enhance utility.

Josh - December 1, 2011
Yes it needs
D rings or eyelets installed, but it is easy to add D rings by sliding them under the two outside molle strapes then snapping them closed. I hope that is easy to figure out. As for the tie downs under the pack for attaching a poncho, I aggree, but I am going to add my own simple enough. Other then that this is a great pack. Enjoy

James - March 14, 2010
modular butt pack
I was very disappointed with this pack, I couldnt use it for my BLE, it didnt have the D rings,I also didnt like the material.I guess its good for airsoft games other than that I wouldnt recommend it for heavy uses.

Angel - March 11, 2009
I'm very happy with the quality of this product but was disappointed to find out that there were no D-rings included, which is a problem if you use ALICE gear like me. But overall I'm very happy with my Modular Butt Pack

Peter - October 25, 2008
Good pack
This is a good pack with lots of room for your stuff. It seems to be strongly made and rugged. A couple of criticisms - I wish this had eyelets for my suspenders like my old pack does. I also wish this pack had straps and d-rings so I could attach equipment to it, such as a poncho.

Dale - October 2, 2008
Modular Buttpack
Dont let the picture fool you, this thing is HUGE! All the pockets have a water repellent lining(perhaps even proof) and drawstring mouths so you can rest assured the contents will stay dry and ready when you need em. Mine is in acupat and its perfectly colored and the buckles are sage green! This is a Condor Brand item as well so you know it good!

Andrew - March 21, 2008
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CondorCondor Modular Butt PackStow away your gear for the long hike in this MOLLE attachable nylon pack that features a total of five spacious compartments to hold all of your mission essentials.
U.S. Cavalry