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Max Pro Armor DBA-IV 10" x 12" Level IV Composite Plate

Item#  33900
Max Pro Armor DBA-IV 10

Max Pro Armor DBA-IV 10

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Price: $199.99
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This item requires identification verification for Individual purchases and the item must be a tool of the trade. Note: To order this item via Agency or Department Purchase Order please contact our Contract Sales Department at 1.800.200.9455. Click here for more details.
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The Max Pro Armor DBA-IV 10" x 12" Level IV Stand Alone Ceramic Composite Plate is manufactured utilizing advanced Thermoplastic Composite (TPC) Ballistic Materials in conjunction with a pre-shaped Alumina ceramic panel. It is made with proprietary molding technology allows for a superior interface bonding between the ceramic and the composite. The plate is encapsulated in a durable black coating to protect from surface nicks and scratches.

  • The plate has been tested for performance and inspected for workmanship by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center and has been certified to Threat Level IV based on National Institute of Justice 2005 Interim Requirements
  • Triple curve shape has been developed and used for optimum fit to the human body
  • 2-year warranty for workmanship and performance
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 11.80" x 10.00" - Front plate has deeper chamfered corners at the shoulders (Variations of +-.15" in each direction should be expected)
  • WEIGHT: Front Plate - 7.5 lbs, Back Plate - 7.9 lbs
  • Made in the USA

SPECIFY: Front Plate or Back Plate

COLOR: Black

WEIGHT: 7.5 lbs.

Best price around
I picked up a set (Front & Back) on black Friday with a 20 percent coupon. No one online could touch that price! I placed the armor in my Condor plate carrier and keep it in my patrol car for high risk situations like active shooter or similar call outs. I also purchased side plates that mount in the cumber-bun for a little extra protection. The quality of the plates are spot on! I definitely recommend this armor hands down. J.D. Woodbridge NJ

Gennaro - January 28, 2014
great value best price in market !fast shipping
I did a lot of research into what is he best body armor out there with the best protection and was looking into Dragon skin and other products but in the end of the day the 6lb more of weight for an upgrade to level 4 is insignificant . I re iterate what the other two reviews and let you know this is what we use in the military its proven product GSA contract! I know this is better than the soft armor because its cooler in the summer just don't go cheap on a carrier buy eagle industries its a lot GSA cert product with the best warranty in the industry top quality. had that setup for the past year now! we used this in the navy as a combat driver i can tell you and i have marine friends that will say its what they used as well.

Dennis - June 27, 2011
Good armor plate
The plates are what they advertise. I would keep in mind you will have to purchase a special vest carrier with plate pockets to have proper placement on the body. I would also think the weight of 15 lbs of extra wieght should not slow down an in shape military personel or Police Officer, if not this plate is not for you. I bought the plates for two simple reasons, they are a good product, and can you really put a price on your life?

Kevin - December 5, 2010
Great Product
If you are looking for a hardcore, heavy duty rifle plate, then this is the one. It is rather thick, 1/2 inch, but with the triple curve design, will fit snug to your body with a right carrier. Again it is heavy duty, so with both plates will weigh roughly 16 pounds + carrier (2-4 pounds). Hopefully it will sustain multiple hits like it is advertised on the video, if I ever need it to. Very reasonable price, and fast shipping from USCav.

Michael - March 18, 2010
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Max Pro ArmorMax Pro Armor DBA-IV 10" x 12" Level IV Composite PlateProprietary molding technology allows for a superior interface bonding between the ceramic and the composite, which translates into not only reliable ballistic performance but also an exceptional ability for the plate to maintain its integrity after being shot.
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