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New Balance 8 In. DesertLite Boot

Item#  34868
New Balance 8 In. DesertLite Boot

New Balance 8 In. DesertLite Boot

New Balance 8 In. DesertLite Boot

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Price: $142.99
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Desert Tan - 7.5 Wide
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The New Balance 8 In. DesertLite Boot is the lightest Desert boot on the market today. New Balance uses the lightest materials available to provide a boot that performs like no other boot on long marches as well as withstanding high desert temperatures.

  • Stain resistant microfiber Suede upper with breathable Nylon panels
  • High traction non-squeak outsole
  • Molded EVA midsole unit
  • Siping in each lug provides the best combination of traction and cushion in a boot today
  • Mesh ventilation ports throughout the boot provide breathability not found in most boots
  • Reinforced lace loops are made not to fail in the field
  • 550 paracord laces
  • Reinforced climbing rubber inside toe to help when scaling walls
  • Full length composite molded shank provides support even when carrying a heavy load
  • Dual density cushioned footbed with mesh lining for increased wicking and foot comfort
  • Footbed is perforated to allow water drainage
  • HEIGHT: 8.00"
  • Imported

SIZES: 6 - 12, 13, 14 or 15 Reg

COLOR: Desert Tan

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WEIGHT: 2 lbs.

To the 'Stan and Back
I bought these boots before my last deployment and my feet have never been happier! After putting in my own gel inserts the level of comfort I achieved was beyond compare. My only issue with these boots is that they wore down too quickly. The mesh eyelets tore out, the toe cap separated from the front, and the laces broke (which I replaced with longer ones) as well but they didn't get any worse after that. I wore these boots through a year plus of foot patrols, convoys, and general grunt work without an issue. It was only earlier this month I finally had to retire them when I realized I had walked off all the tredding and the boot was literally falling apart on me. When I have the funds I will be buying another pair, of that I am sure!

Zachary - October 8, 2012
OK Boot
If you don't ruck or run in boots I would recommend these. However, I purchased a pair and took them to SFAS. They did great the first ruck but busted the inseam on both boots the very next day. I sent these boots back for a new pair and I've been waiting for almost 2 months and have now decided to go with a different brand due to manufacturer delays.

Chris - August 28, 2012
They fall apart way too fast!
Great boot, don't get me wrong. Within a month and a half they were all torn up. The bottom started to come apart from the boot and the lining at the toe starts to come off. Great boot for garrison but not for deployments.

Jonathan - August 17, 2012
Honest Review (CONT.)
The previous review was from me about two weeks back. Over the last two weeks, I've been training in 100+ degree weather with full battle-rattle for several hours and switching my boots out amongst a pair of Blackhawks and the OTBs. While the Blackhawks were more comfortable at first(because I've had them for nearly a year), the OTBs performed excellently and exactly as described. They weigh nearly nothing, and are very dry. Understand- I sweat ALOT, especially in HEATCAT-5. While my uniform has been consistently soaked through from top to bottom, the boots were consistently dry and rarely gave me problems. The only problem I've had thus far is the laces. I'm used to cranking down on my boots to get them tight enough for me because I don't like them to slide around my foot and cause hot spots or blisters. I don't have that problem with the OTB- I learned that if you loosen the laces to get your foot in them and tighten them just barely enough to hold, then they won't pull down on your foot and squeeze. If you crank them down, they bite into the top of the foot. Also, they were the right size but slightly too large- i had too much wiggle room if such a thing is possible. I put a PX brand foam insert under the factory footbed insert and now they fit like they were built for me. These boots will probably become my standard boot from now on.

Torrence - July 4, 2012
Day 1, great so far
I just got these boots in and have been wearing them for a few hours. So far I love them. They're a little tight in the ankles and around the balls of the feet, and a little bit stiff when you first put them on. They're looseneing up quickly though, and I expect they'll be outstanding boots. The only reason they're only getting 4.5 is that I haven't had them long enough to be an honest review of 5.0.

Torrence - June 23, 2012
I purchased this boot about 7 months ago for deployment to Herat Afghanistan and what a smooth move on my part. This boot is the one HMFIC of boots, the mother of all boots light weight,tennis shoe feel and ready to wear right out of the friggin box. Dude,I can wear them without socks the boots rock!

Mikatta - May 10, 2012
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I bought my first pair of OTB's based on my husbands recommendation. After owning my first pair, I've never looked back. I've taken these boots to AF, Sere school and a selection course. Never had a blister and only after walking through a tropical rain storm did I start to get a hot spot that soon resolved itself. I can run in them with no issues. I can ruck for days in them while everyone else is limping from blisters and missing heels. You can take them out of the box and go. No breaking in required. Highly recommended based on my own successful experience, these boots will not let you down.

Haley - October 16, 2011
Comfortable, but not durable
By far the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. They feel better than most tennis shoes, but after a month of field training they start to fall apart. This happens mostly at the seams where the sole meets the tow of the boot, around the edges, and at the heel. The tread on the bottom also wears down quickly,which is rediculous for having them just a month. With some improvments these would be the best boots on the market. They never needed any breaking in, nor did I ever get anything close to a hot spot.

Alex - December 13, 2010
Purely Amazing
I got these boots in about 2 weeks ago. Completed my first short 4 mile road march with the intention to start breaking in these bad boys for a 12 mile I have coming up. Zero hot spots, zero blisters and zero pinching. These boots have great air flow and dry out very fast. The soles feel very durable and have great traction in the field. These boots are also great to run in (very light). Very comfortable in garrison as well. The price and quality combination is simply amazing. I highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for an inexpensive, light weight, high speed and durable pair of kicks.

Wesley - September 13, 2010
Freaking Awesome!!!!!!!!!
I'm an 11B and I have had these boots for about 9 months so far. They are by far, the greatest, most lightweight, pair of boots I have ever owned. I have done several ruck marches with these boots and have worn them to the field countless times. I am about to buy a second pair of these and make my old ones my permanent field boot. They are so lightweight and comfortable. Easy to clean, just throw them in the washing machine. The only downside, I wish they were available to buy in more places.

Clint - August 1, 2010
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