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Magnum 6 In. Sidewinder HPi Boot

Item#  37577
Magnum 6 In. Sidewinder HPi Boot

Magnum 6 In. Sidewinder HPi Boot

Magnum 6 In. Sidewinder HPi Boot

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Price: $169.99
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Desert Tan (Boots - Generic)
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The Magnun 6 In. Sidewinder HPi Boot is the result from the ultimate testing ground - the theater of combat. Maximum performance giving maximum confidence.

ion-mask (See video below)
Originally developed for military clothing and designed to combat chemical agents, ion-mask technology by P2i is an award winning ultra protective surface enhancement pioneered by Magnum that offers truly groundbreaking benefits, so much so that it forces the world to sit up and take notice.

This breakthrough in surface enhancement works at a molecular (nano) level. Applied inside a plasma chamber, the ion-mask treatment binds invisibly to a product material's surface and fibers, resulting in extraordinary benefits to the end user, without affecting the look, feel or breathability of the boot.

Key ion-mask Features:

  • HYDROPHOBIC - Even open-weave materials are liquid-repellent
  • BREATHABLE - No waterproof layer that makes your foot sweat
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Boot retains less water and lacks extra oil-based waterproof layer
  • STAY CLEANER - The new surface tension helps repel dirt, and washes off more easily
  • ENVIRONMENT - Tiny amounts of chemicals are used in the process, with less energy spent
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT - Repels all kinds of liquid, including oil, fuel and alcohol
  • PATHOGEN RESISTANT - Combats the penetration of pathogenic microorganism in blood
  • NOTE: ion-mask is also waterproof, but only if the boot is designed for that purpose. If the boot has open weave or other ventilation like Vent-Guard, it cannot be waterproof.

Engineered like no other fabric in the world SuperFabric brand materials break down barriers in performance, protection and comfort.

SuperFabric technology is an advanced, multi-step engineered process that takes ordinary fabrics and transforms them into a variety of unique, protective solutions, known collectively as SuperFabric Brand Materials. These new protective fabrics can be engineered for optimum resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasions while remaining highly flexible. Optional properties such as flame resistance, specialized grip, and more, make for a compete customized solution.

Fast-Rope System
Magnum's Fast-Rope System featuring SuperFabric has been specially selected as the very best way to protect the uppers from abrasion damage caused by fast-roping. This material is laced with ceramic, making it highly heat-resistant and a must have feature for operators and trainers.

The exo-frame build also includes a curved, hard-composite piece at the instep that wraps around the rope correctly. It is highly resistant to melting or other damage. The lateral side of the outsole also has a 90-degree edge for reliable braking to slow decent.

  • 2.0 mm full grain waterproof Leather
  • 1200D Nylon quarter panel for breathability
  • Tested and certified to European standard en 20347: 2004 for occupational footwear
  • Fast-Rope System with heat- and wear-resistant SuperFabric
  • Ion Mask hpi-hydrophobic
  • Surface enhancement
  • Rigid flex insole board
  • Magnum Sidewinder outsole with dual PU midsole
  • Breath Right lining to maximize breathability and comfort
  • Ortholite shock absorbing footbed
  • Ergonomically designed
  • HEIGHT: 6.00"
  • Imported

SIZES: 7-12, 13, 14 & 15 Reg
           8-12, 13, 14 & 15 Wide

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

COLOR: Desert Tan

About Ion Mask

WEIGHT: 1.8 lbs.

I am a 19D (Scout) in the US Army and as such am pretty hard on boots. These boots couldn't even make it on one field problem. In about 2 months of wearing them the souls have peeled off, the sides have blown out, the back stitching has fallen out and 4 eyelets have ripped off. I have shower shoes that have stood up to more abuse then these boots. Maybe these would be ok in an office but I'm pretty sure that the harsh wear and tear of lanolin would find some way to tear these sub-par boots apart. In fairness I wrote to Magnum for customer support and they never returned my messages. I will never buy from this rip off of a company again.

Zachery - January 19, 2013
I have these boots, and after one hard field exercise they fell apart. To list the deficiencies in order. 1) 3 eyelets have torn off 2) the seam over the side of the boot has ripped open 3) The sole separated from the boot on both of them 4) the liner inside has torn 5) the stitching around the back of the boot is now falling out I'm a grunt. I'm hard on boots, but this is insane. I have shower shoes tougher then these boots. I will never buy another pair from Magnum again. I even gave them a chance to respond as I emailed this review to them first and they blew it off.

Zachery - January 15, 2013
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