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Squad Leader Watch

Item#  16163 Man. Part # 8405000 UPC # 690104134499
Squad Leader Watch

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Price: $39.99
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Squad Leader Watch

  • Non-reflective Stainless Steel casing
  • French quartz movement
  • Water-resistant
  • 1.36" Face
  • Black face with silver numbers, hands, and date display

BEZEL COLOR: Stainless Steel



WEIGHT: 0.1875 lbs.

Good Purchase
I purchased this Squad Leader Watch after looking for something to replace my Timex camping watch that died on me last year. So I wanted something reliable and I've always liked the Military look of the watches issued by our gov to the military. After doing some research I noticed that the real gov spec watches were up in the $150 range and out of my price range. I looked at amazon but I was not happy about some of the reviews that people were giving the watches. Luckily I remembered my dad having a catalog from US CAV and so I went online. Found this watch and really liked the look and the reviews were great. So I purchased it and haven't looked back. Like everyone says the band is the only weak link on the watch and after just one week the band is starting to fray on the sides and where the holes are at. But I already knew this was going to be a problem and already ordered a replacement band. I'm very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend this watch to anybody looking for a great looking watch that will last a long time. The only complaint I have is that my watch did not come with any Instruction manuals! But thanks to another reviewer I set the date before the 9pm warning. It also took about 2 days for my watch to actually ship. Not a big problem but I was excited to have my watch shipped a little sooner. If your thinking about getting it..Don't think twice.

David - April 19, 2012
Unpretentious Simple Watch
Simple, no-nonsense, unpretentious, easy to read, comfortable, accurate (and for the fashion conscious OD goes with everything). At the price point I can afford to buy a new one every year or two and toss the old one when it stops running. I do recommend purchasing an extra band because it tends to fray over the long haul. Other than that this tough little soldier rates a five plus in my book.

David - March 20, 2012
Great for the price
I have owned this watch for some time now without any problems. I don't care for the band , but its fine for now. When it breaks or wears out, I will just put a diffrent type on.

Daniel - March 18, 2012
I LOVE this watch!!!!!! I tend to wear down the band. Got to buy new bands. LOVE the watch!!!!!!!!!!

Shelby - October 27, 2011
I love this watch.
I've worn this watch for close to 10 years now & my only complaint is that I have a hard time finding replacement bands. I work in construction, mostly welding & this watch has taken much abuse. I should note that my watch came with a metal buckle. Reading the other reviews it seems they now come with plastic buckles. Definitely one of the best watches I've owned.

Bryan - September 11, 2011
Decent with minor flaws...
I completely loved this watch while it lasted, which is why I am going to buy a new one as soon as I can. I ordered this watch on June the 16th and got it in the mail between the 18th and 20th with the basic FedEx shipping along with another product which was extremely fast in my opinion. I was quick to find a small but almost insignificant flaw which was the wristband. It was made of a rather weak material which resulted in the end of the wristband fraying and the holes enlarging after only three uses. The strap also has a clip that appears to be made out of some durable plastics but has a disturbingly flimsy feel to it. Despite all of this, I wore it for a month and included it in my kit when I went to the 2010 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, VA. The watch did exactly what it was supposed to for all ten days without a problem which is a miracle when we had to set up camp, do multiple activities and everyday tasks, and finally taking down camp. However, the watch's undoing was when the week after the jamboree, as a student/ cadet in JROTC, I took the watch off in a hurry before PT and accidentally dropped the watch on its crown (knob) from about five feet. When I put it back on at the end of day at about 12 o'clock and it read as it being 9 AM. After winding it to the correct time, and returning to it at about 5 PM, it read about 1:12. I had a feeling that it may have been the heat from where it recently was over the month which could have sapped the battery or that it could have been one strike on just the right spot which was odd as I had dropped it several times at the Jamboree. After taking it to a watch repair shop at the local mall, the horologist stated that it would be more expensive to repair than to buy another one. I will definitely buy a new watch from U.S. Cavalry due to their excellent service. This watch can stand a beating, but not necessarily on a concrete floor. A more durable wristband would definitely benefit this watch too. I would definitely recommend this good-looking watch as it works as advertised and it is listed at a reasonable price for about thirty-two dollars where as similar products at clothing stores can be at least thirty-eight to forty dollars. I would recommend this watch to almost anyone, whether they have a desk job, work in some field that requires manual labor, or are in the military or in a police force.

Robert - September 6, 2010
On time
Update: I would highly recommend that you do not set the date on this watch any time after noon. The instruction manual says that setting the date between 9pm and 4am will result in damage to the watch. I set the date at 8:15pm once and it was never the same. Within a week the date had sunk very low in the window, and the next month when I tried to reset the date it wouldn't move at all (it is now stuck on the 27th). I'm really sorry about this, as the watch was performing beautifully before I set the date at 8:15pm that one time. I think if I had been a couple of hour earlier in setting the date, this would not have happened. At any rate, DO NOT set the date late in the day, as damage WILL result. The instructions say 9pm to 4am, but I would give it much more leeway than that.

Thomas - August 2, 2010
AWESOME little watch
I bought this watch for my boyfriend. It is beautiful! We were both pleasantly surprised when he opened the box. It is not a large watch like everyone is wearing now, but that is what we both LIKE about it. It is so striking to look at. The band is really cool and the face is gorgeous. I would be another for a friend or family member and may even get one for myself! As we just got the watch this morning I cannot comment on how it keeps time yet.

Lana - June 17, 2010
on time
The second hand on this watch bounces around at times and it may not inspire confidence when you first take possession of it. Nevertheless it is remarkably accurate for a thirty dollar watch. Thumbs up!

Thomas - May 29, 2010
Nice looking, functional watch.
I just received the watch yesterday. I think it's a good watch. There are certainly better ones out there, but this one looks great. I personally love the black face (which makes it easier to read) The glow-in-the-dark hands are also quite handy. The movement of the second hand seems a bit off, almost like it only moves 59 times per second, but it still keeps the correct time. I'll update later to see if this has changed. The band that the watch comes with is pretty lousy. I recommend getting a NATO strap. Personally, I picked up some from J. Crew. I know I'm not supposed to post URLS but I think my pictures really showcase the good quality of the watch. So take a moment and view my pictures to see a higher res image of the watch. Also, it is not mentioned here but the size of the wrist band needed for this watch is about 19mm. Overall, I'd recommend the watch. (Pictured with J. Crew wrist strap) http://i45.tinypic.com/e15080.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/r8cu4m.jpg

Matthew - May 27, 2010
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