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Tru-Spec SEAL Team Swim Shorts

Item#  18379
Tru-Spec SEAL Team Swim Shorts

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Price: $15.99
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Tan/Desert Tan
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Tru-Spec SEAL Team Swim Shorts are reproductions of 1940's U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Team diver shorts.

  • 60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend
  • Mil Spec black anodized D-rings
  • Button fly
  • Waist pull strap
  • Rear pocket
  • Unlined
  • INSEAM: 3.00"
  • U.S. materials assembled in Honduras
  • SIZES: 30"-40" (Even Sizes Only)

    COLOR: Tan

    WEIGHT: 0.4 lbs.

    I recently purchased two (2) of the team swim shorts (tan), and am happy with the fit and comfort. If you decide to purchase, I highly recommend purchase one size larger. I have a 36in waist, but the 38in shorts fit much better. Still have to try the shorts in the water... Will post another review on my testing of the shorts in the water. So far, a happy customer! p.s. I sure would like to know when the black team swim shorts will be available? Anybody know? Herb

    Herbert - July 22, 2010
    they just don't make 'em like they used to
    Tru-Spec is junk. Polyester for men? I don't think so... The old ones were much better made, and made in the USA! I still have one pair made by Tiger Stripe Products that are all cotton, US made, and wear and fit well. I also have purchased two pair of these Tru-Specs, the black ones fit more snug than the khaki. Enough to warrant changing sizes. The khaki ones are see-through. If you were issued some when you were in you will be disappointed in these. Words of wisdom for the future: If you find something you like, you better get a lifetime supply because they WILL stop making it.

    iain - February 15, 2010
    Wrong size
    I orderd 2 pair-one in tan and one in black. I received the first one-the Tan, but when I tried it on, it did not fit. it was supposed to be a 38 , it said 38, but ididn't fit in them. I take a size 38 in pants and even fit in 36's. I returned the one I received and cancelled the other.

    Phil - June 19, 2008
    pretty nice swim shorts
    The cloth and stitching on these shorts could be better, but they are definitely okay as they are for sunning by the pool or beach, or wearing under dive suits. I like this style a whole lot better than the over-the-knee dork shorts all the young lads are wearing today. Sizing is a little funky...I ordered a black pair and camo pair [back when they were available], and the black were definitely snugger than the camo. Both were wearable however. It would be nice if these came with a nylon liner and a button or hook-and-look fastener back pocket flap... I'd pay more for better quality overall...this style is hard to find anywhere else.

    David - January 28, 2007
    Had them for 2 weeks. I have run a five mile run in the black shorts all of 4 times and the fabric in the crotch is now wearing through. Do not buy them if you intend to use them for PT shorts or other activity where you have alot of movement and are wet from water or swet they won't last more than a month.

    Jesse - December 2, 2006
    Cheap Immitation
    The materiel is thinner than the ones we used for small boat ops back in the day. When I opened the box on friday I could damn near see through the loose weave of the fabric. the fabric is also thiner than original. The stitching is so so. I also recall there being a zipper instead of button fly. As I said, they are a cheaply made immitation and having only had them over the weekend, I have yet to put them to a real test.

    Jesse - November 27, 2006
    They make swimming easier...
    As a life-long civilian I can honestly say that swimming grueling laps for an hour at the local pool is much more fun if you pretend you're a BUD/S trainee or Richard Widmark trying to infiltrate a Japanese subamrine pen... Of course, these shorts have drawbacks. They don't dry quickly, and you'll probably have to wear underwear with them (I wear super-high tech runner's briefs which work fine). Additionally, they don't dry out quickly. HOWEVER. We're men. We don't need frills. I think they're pretty cool to wear in the pool, and they make you look pretty tough (in the pool). Hope they keep them around. -H

    Herb - October 31, 2006
    scuba shorts
    The + Fits well under scuba diving gear like speedos but you don't burn yourself while sitting on the boat and you can hook your keys to the ring. Comfortable, minimum bulk but still good enough to drive your car back or to walk back with it. Designed for movement. The - Should have added the mesh underwears and a system to close the pocket. I treated those with cotton proof Nickwax to make them totally water repellant. The 50's look is not for everybody. Good for me.

    Antoine - August 26, 2006
    Team shorts
    Great shorts, but whatever happened to the original tiger camos?

    Harvey - June 25, 2006
    Dont fit in my old ones
    Most comfortable shorts to wear....

    Frank - January 1, 2006
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    TRU-SPECTru-Spec SEAL Team Swim ShortsReproduction of 1940's U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Team diver shorts.
    U.S. Cavalry