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Ontario Knife Company Military Issue Marine Combat Knife w/Sheath

Item#  22213 Man. Part # 8180
Ontario Knife Company Military Issue Marine Combat Knife w/Sheath

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Price: $78.99
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NSN: 1095-00-392-4102

Ontario Knife Company Military Issue Marine Combat Knife w/Sheath

  • 1095 Carbon Steel blade
  • Black phosphate coating
  • Weather-proofed Leather handle
  • Steel buttcap
  • BLADE LENGTH: 7.00"
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 12.00"
  • Made in the USA



WEIGHT: 0.95 lbs.

Remove the Black Paint from the Handle
Feels nicer in my small hand than the Ka-Bar version. But that horrid black paint had to go. Citristrip and a soft toothbrush took care of that, followed by a generous application of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP (wax). The handle now looks and feels a hundred times better, and it repels water.

Robert - August 28, 2010
you get what you pay for
This knife won't cut paper. Look for another knife. I bought a ka bar at a gun show for roughly the same price with a plastic sheath that was a much better knife. Maybe you should consider a better ( higher ) priced knife.

Michael - March 27, 2010
This knife is great for hunting. And if your in the military its a good weapon to have. This is a great price with great crasfmenship. It has a good grip a cuts things wonderfully. I recommend it.

Trey - June 16, 2008
Proven design, excellent utility
In thirty years of service I've had two of these Ontario made blades and two KaBar made. The current issue by Ontario is well made for the price. The parkerized blade coating holds up much better than the black paint like coating of their SPEC PLUS series. The fittings are well done, with the only complaint being that the leather in the handles often need some trimming. Ten minutes with an exacto and some sand paper can make this a very comfortable handle. The leather comes dyed black but can be dyed whatever color you need after some sandpaper work. On one of mine I used a dremel tool to cut grooves lengthwise along the handle for a more secure grip and re dyed the leather. For the cost it is an excellent utility and combat blade.

AJ - March 11, 2008
Military Issue Marine Combat Knife
When I first ordered this knife, I was ecstatic, I had been wanting a combat knife for a long time. If you haven't noticed, this is modeled after the Ka-Bar knives used in WWII. When I got it, speedy and on-time delevery as usual, and opened it up it was a little disappointing. The sheath looked very nice but the knife looked slightly worn. The hilt is wood with a nice black gloss finish but there were chips where the paint had fallen off inside the grooves. Upon taking it out, it looked dirty/dusty, and once again, slightly worn. The blade however, was sharp and shiny, my two favorite s words. A quick cleaning and its appearence improved dramatically. So far it's been very durable and works very well. My only problem is that the button strap gets in the way when taking the knife out, all in all, a 4.5 out of 5.

William - September 6, 2007
USMC Combat Knife
Although there are better KaBar knives out there, this one is near and dear to my heart. After 8 years in the Marines I have used this very knife for cutting the hardest ropes to opening my MRE's to using as a hammer, though it wasn't recommended. It holds up to the roughest conditions and for the price you can't beat it. The only thing I pass on is the texture of the handle. It is a type of hard plastic handle that feels like roughed up wood that can definitely leave blisters when used continuously. Go for the leather handle, much better to wield on the enemy! - T

Ty - October 8, 2006
This knife Rocks
This knife is the best knife for how much it costes.I love this knife it rocks.It is so litte and strong i thought it was made out of titanym. this knife is well ballenced it ballenced right in my hand when i was just holding it.THIS KNIFE ROCKS I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hia - September 16, 2006
A Great Buy
This knife is suprisingly sharp and very strong. I've used it for a variety of things and I still can't believe it's priced under $40. Definitely worth the price.

Patrick - January 17, 2006
Combat Arms
I want to buy the knife

William - September 25, 2005
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