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The 11" War Fighter Knife

Item#  22336
The 11

The 11

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Price: $10.99
Color Key: Color Key
Ships in 24-48 hours
Shipping Restrictions: - See Details
Olive Drab Handle/Black Blade

Classic design and versatility make the Warfighter Knife the only knife you will need while you are in the field.

  • 420 Stainless Steel blade
  • Polyester 550 paracord wrapped handle
  • Full tang
  • Heat treated
  • 55 Rockwell
  • Includes Olive Drab hard Cordura sheath
  • BLADE LENGTH: 6.50"
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 10.50"
  • Imported
  • BLADE COLOR: Black

    HANDLE COLOR: Olive Drab

    WEIGHT: 0.7 lbs.

    Kickass Cheap Knife
    This is a no frills no nonsense knife that gets the job done. It doesn't ship very sharp, but it's sharp enough. It's a thick blade with a nice matte black finish. I have used mine for everything except what it was meant to be used for and it has held up to everything I have put it through. It's not a luxury knife, it's a get'er done knife. -ErkDog

    Eric - November 14, 2013
    Glorified Prison Shank
    But a FANTASTIC glorified prison shank! The only thing I'll be messing with is making the grip a bit thicker to fit my hand better. Other than that, I think it's a pretty good value for how cheap it is and it won't make you all that depressed if you should break/lose it. At $9 they're cheap enough to have a dozen, but at least do yourself a favor and at least get ONE.

    Chris - October 3, 2012
    LOVE IT!!!
    This is a pretty high quality knife especially given its price! Ive used this knife around the house for many things. Ive taken it camping. And hey it could even be used for self defense/protection. This knife is pretty intimidating considering its size. Its also VERY sharp btw. The only negatives i have about this knife is that 1: The sheath is pretty crummy but im happy though. And 2: What USCAV says is real paracord on the handle is not paracord when its actually nylon string and it tends to slip down during use. But no biggy:) Just tape the bottom part of it and you shouldnt have a problem. 4.5 stars for this one. Nice job Fury!!!

    Elias - August 14, 2012
    Could be better
    I bought this knife not expecting top notch quality, given the price but I did recieve the knife quickly (thank you USCAV)My biggest complaint about the knife is that the grind on the blade is so far off from anything you want to actually cut with,the knife was sharp when I recieved it but I thought it could use a good polished edge. I tried to sharpen the knife on a 30 degree angle and the grind was probably closer to 45 degree on one side after 2 hours of removing material it finally got it really sharp. I also found that the PARACORD wraped handle isn't really paracord its really cheap nylon string. I replace it with real paracord and got it sharp, and I think that the steel is of decent quality,so all in all I think this knife will be a good one for a bug-out-bag. I know I complained about and $8 knife but I just wanted to let you know what you were getting. Still considering abuying another.

    Tim - February 15, 2012
    Great Knife for the price
    I bought one of these to replace a knife I thought I had lost the one I was replacing was better in many ways but this knife is longer then the other and the grip fits my hand nicely I'm a rancher security guard and former army I have Ka-Bars but they are just to good to use everyday this knife stays in my truck and gets used to cut open bails of hay open letters I tried using it to butcher a beef but the tanto point doesn't do that very well other then that I've used this knife without fail it takes an edge nicely too, it was sharp out of the box and held the edge for almost a year of hard use before I had to sharpen it the cord on the grip hasn't moved on me once. Over all it a nice weapon, great tool and very good over all.

    Jason - January 24, 2012
    Hmm.. well.
    If a soldier understands the difference in a utility knife (a tool) and specialty blades then this knife for the price can not be beat. My only mistake was buying one, which will be corrected. Good steel, soft enough to rub out any folds, good enough steel to take a FINE hone. Sheath will do. The wrap on the handle is a bonus... yes I can see where in time it will loosen up (which for the price.. I like having the extra cord) but if it is a concern just use a few drop of good ole Super Glue on the ribs of the cord.. let dry.. carry on. Gonna buy five more and replace my tent stakes. It is a tool, multi function and the best part it falls into the same catagory as brass. If in deep shiote leave it where it falls. 8 bucks... came sharp. I see no negatives.

    Harry - October 6, 2011
    Get this knife! I bought two and I love them. The sheath isn't the best but it's pretty good considering the price. This knife can take a beating and it's great for those on a budget.

    Rosemary - June 16, 2011
    excelent for the price
    got mine a while back....at first I was bumed..and it seemed junkie knife came factory sharp..so sharp in went right thru the sheath yes that was lucky used 100mph tape on the bottom and haven't looked back and years later still factory sharp

    kenneth - June 14, 2011
    Needs a little work
    A tip if you buy this knife - tool-dip the nylon corded handle. The braids have a tendency to slip downward when used. With the tool-dip, it's great. Also, the blade is exceptionally sharp right out of the box.

    BH - June 5, 2011
    Best knife for its price
    sure it may look cheap or cheesy but if you get past the way it looks and judge it based on how it performs it is a masterpiece. The sheath is crumy looking but the top has a nice sized loop to fit any belt making it easy to carry with you and the velcro straps on the top make sure you wont lose the knife even if you go inverted (upside down) The blade is big enough that I could intimidate a person who was trying to rob me if necessary while the thickness is great as i dont worry ill snap it in two if put soem pressure on the blade while not thick enough to make me feel im carrying a butcher knife around with me. The weight has a nice feel in your hand yet weighs nothing when your loading up on gear for an outdoor event. The grip while simple and cheap does a great job insuring your fingers dont slide forward on the blade when you swing it, having a good pair of gloves on only makes it better in preventing your hands from slipping.

    Alexander - November 19, 2010
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