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Commerical Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

Item#  2692 Man. Part # 4891000 UPC # 690104315775
Commerical Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

Commerical Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

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Price: $117.99
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Meals-Ready-to-Eat. This commercial version of the military MRE is perfect for bivouacs, hunting trips, or anytime you need a quick, convenient meal without preparation.
  • Case of 12 - 11 x 5 1/2" meal packs
  • Includes 3 each of the following assorted entrées: Chicken with Noodles, Chicken Pasta Parmesan, Vegetable Beef Stew and Beef Chili with Beans
  • May also include the following: Crackers, Instant Coffee, Fruit Bar, Gum, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Matches, Spoon and Towelette
  • Sealed in heavy plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Contents may vary *Food items are non-returnable


    NOTE: Below 60° - not enough data yet collected, however, projections are the 130 month storage life will be extended.

    NOTE: Time and Temperature have a cumulative effect. For example, storage at 100° for 11 months then removed to storage at 70° would lose one-half of the 70° storage life. Also avoid fluctuating temperatures, in and out of freezing levels. Due to the cumulative effect of time and temperature, a regular rotation of MRE's within 5 to 7 years is recommended.

    WEIGHT: 15.4 lbs.

    MRE Quality Loss
    This generation of MRE's is a major downgrade from the last version. The heaters don't put out enough heat and breakup leaving your food packet covered with gritty heater material. I don't mind a little dirt in my food when I'm in the bush, but I don't want to eat the chemicals from the heaters. There were items in the old MRE's that I actually got excited about. I end up throwing out most of the secondary items in these. Don't know if I'll even use the rest of my MRE's. Whoever's brother-in-law got the contract for these has done our soldiers a dis-service.

    Dave - October 13, 2013
    As good as can be in the Civilian Market.
    These M.R.E's Are not the genuine article and are inferior. However they are the best M.R.E's aside from the military grade ones. They do not come with a heater as stated in the description. They come with decaffeinated coffee which defeats the purpose of coffee. The clear thin packaging will reflect sunlight and serve as a beacon when you are trying to eat your lunch. The entree and side are the same as military but the accessory packet is far from acceptable. The do not include a hot beverage bag because they have no heater so you will be enjoying your decaf coffee cold. The only plus side is that they include pepper in the kit.

    Brennen - November 6, 2011
    great for feild
    i take these as extra in the field when chow might not be on time it gets my troopers through the day

    adam - February 15, 2009
    Not bad!
    I bought a case of these MRE's and must say that the food was good. It taste good. It did me good while I was hunting, walking 10 miles over mountain's so I needed the energy the MRE's provided. They are stacked with energy. I did however have a problem out of the heater. The heater didn't work well at all. While on the mountains it was really cold and it took 30 minutes for it to begin to warm up. That was to long so we ate them cold, which wasn't bad, just wasn't what we wanted. Other from that everything was good. It would have been better if it came with a second entre like mashed potato's or something like that. If the MRE's had a good heater and a second entre it would be a 10.

    Caleb - December 9, 2008
    Good Civilian MRE
    These are not military issue MREs. However, they taste fine. There are 12 meals in each box and each MRE does not have as much food as the basic MREs that the military gives out. Also, the heater seems to be a little messy with the chemicals.

    Dwight - October 1, 2008
    retired federal Conservation Officer
    The MRE's being sold today are NASTY!Not much variety in menu and desserts are dispicable. You can't even make Ranger brownies out of the stuff. But the worst sharp stick in the eye part is that there is decaf coffee in them. What happened to the drink mix that you could use for rifle bore cleaner to. I want some MRE's that are better than you have for sale. Maybe you have to be politically correct with menu choices?

    George - January 27, 2008
    Excellent for all!
    A great supply for all from paintballers to Hikers,Pilots to College Students. lived on them while in E.S. training with the Civil Air Patrol and have used them for every situation that I needed to bring food into since.I would recomned them to everyone that has a situation that recquires alot of food with limited space.

    Alan - June 21, 2007
    Not bad.
    The selection of meals were descent, other than no drink mix or fruit dishes they were fairly good. Only bad side was The spoon can't take the weight of the food and will break off.

    evan - March 13, 2007
    Poison to Gold
    I remember the day back in '83 when we used up our last case of C rations and the First Sergeant opened up that new case of MRE's. It took a long time gettin used to them. They were down right nasty. Over the years the improvements gained the approval of even the most cynical of grunts. By the time I retired in 2002 they were down right tasty besides being functional. Now I miss them. What you are getting here is an impostor, nothing even close to the real thing. Write your Congressman or join the ranks, because thats the only way you'll have the pleasure.

    Thomas - February 16, 2007
    Military MREs
    I noticed on some of the reviews for the US Cav MREs that people wanted to get issued MREs. They are no longer legal to sell to the public. Other than the drink mix missing this product would substitute well. Just wish that US Cav would identify what the manufacture date was to give an idea how long they are good for.

    William - July 23, 2006
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