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Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt

Item#  27440
Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt

Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt

Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt

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Price: $44.99 - $49.99
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The versatile design of the Tru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Shirt offers improved concealment in desert, urban and woodland environments by eliminating sharp lines of contrast that draw enemy eyes. A redesigned pocket layout and insignia system enhances functionality.

  • 50% Nylon/50% Cotton ripstop construction
  • Made to Mil-Spec
  • Mandarin collar reduces chafe from body armor vests
  • Rank insignia moved to front center
  • Velcro brand for patches and recognition devices
  • Zippered front closure
  • Elbow pouch for padded inserts
  • Tilted chest pockets with Velcro brand closure
  • Pen pocket on sleeve
  • Blouse bellows for increased mobility
  • Shoulder pockets with Velcro brand closure
  • VELCRO brand sleeve cuff closure
  • U.S. Materials assembled in Honduras

Due to U.S. Army restrictions, these ACU shirts (like all other commercially available ACU shirts) do not feature glint tape. Glint tape can be found here #28580 IFF Tape with Velcro


WEIGHT: 1.6 lbs.

Better Than Expected
Read all the other reviews before buying. Most of the reviews are pretty old (today'date: 4/20/2012) by at least 4 years! I bought pants, shirt, hat and backpack. I was expecting the sizes to be smaller so I selected the next size up and was surprised to see they were true to size! People were complaining about the crouch ripping apart and buttons falling off but the buttons are all stitched well and the crouch is not only double stitched but there is also an added triangulated patch that is also double stitched into the crouch where everything is sewn together. So they fixed all the issues that people were complaining about - way to go TRU-SPEC! I placed the order over the weekend and 3 days later I got my shipment delivered - way to go USCAV.COM! I would (and have) recommended USCAV.COM and TRU-SPEC! My only complaint was that there was a lot of extra thread left in pockets. The stitching is all solid but I am concerned by the amount of thread that I have removed from pockets - is it just left over thread from the manufacturing process or is it thread that should be in the stitching? Only time will tell, but all I can say now is the stitching appears to be solid.

Eric - April 21, 2012
Decent, tops are larger than expected
I ordered Large Long bottoms and Large Long tops. The bottoms seem to be fine, but the tops are more like Large Regular (much wider in the waist area).

Christopher - April 18, 2008
The shirt is of great build quality. Being a civilian i'm not positive it will hold up to the rigors of active duty but as a weekend mil-simmer these are very well built. Only complaint is the mandarin collar is kind of annoying at times and when drinking (I have a big adams apple lol) it feels like im being strangled. Other then that its perfect!

Jamie - April 16, 2008
My Own
The first review I wrote on this was for my brother's Tru-Spec ACUs. This is for the shirt I got. So far it feels the same as my Propper shirt which was very comfortable and lightweight. I did notice the stitching was coming apart in a few places but that's how my Propper shirt and pants were. It wasn't really that it was coming apart. It was just a few stitches were loose. It wasn't like you pulled them from the uniform. They were all in the pockets. And so far, paintballing in the woods has not been a problem at all with it. The reason I got a Tru Spec one is because it's cheaper and made of basically the same material as Propper. Not to mention the Propper one I got, I bought it a few sizes to big so I decided to get a Tru-Spec one for cheaper in my size. All this whining and complaining isn't gonna make the Army adopt a new uniform. I've done very well camouflaging myself in the woods and be quiet about the Velcro. I haven't had it snag once. And US Cav did a very good job of getting it out here fast. Usually 2 to 4 days.

Sean - September 14, 2007
To Jeremiah
Hey I got my brother a pair of these and Tru-Spec is no different than my propper other than the price. He goes fourwheeling and paintballing and so far his Tru-Spec ACUs haven't torn. Neither have my Propper ACUs. So I think Jeremiah just got a bad pair.

Sean - August 17, 2007
Hate it.
Tru-Spec ACU's are absolutley worthless. I ordered 2 pairs of them simply to wear to training. The training is almost all indoors in climate controlled enviroments, and they are falling apart. Buttons falling off, stitching unravels. Horrible. I cant even wear them to school because they look so shoddy they wont pass any sort of inspection. Do not buy Tru-Spec.

Jeremiah - June 24, 2007
ACU Not so great
I wear ACUs every day. I am in the active army and my personal opinion on them is that they dont work. I have used them in many different enviroments. Ther is still some Soilders who wear the old BDU uniforms and when we are in the field the difference is incredible. BDUs work ACUs dont esspacially at night.

Timothy - February 18, 2007
a.c.u. class uniform
the best so far...comfort and design. say good bye to starch and iron.

nessel - June 30, 2006
I like the ACU fit and feel better than the BDU. I am just not wild about the pattern. I think the MARPAT and CADPAT got it right with 2 different patterns. To me the DCU worn by 3/2 ID in 2003/04 in Iraq was the uniform to have.

Ronald - April 5, 2006
Awesome uniform to wear...beats the old ones.

Wilfredo - March 18, 2006
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TRU-SPECTru-Spec Army Combat Uniform (ACU) ShirtImproved concealment in desert, urban and woodland environments by eliminating sharp lines of contrast that draw enemy eyes.
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