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Condor MOLLE Tactical Vest w/8 Pouches

Item#  28754
Condor MOLLE Tactical Vest w/8 Pouches

Condor MOLLE Tactical Vest w/8 Pouches

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Price: $106.99
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Olive Drab
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The Condor MOLLE Tactical Vest w/8 Pouches carries it all at the right price.

  • Gas mask pouch
  • Radio pocket
  • Shotgun ammo pouch
  • Double AK-47 magazine pouch
  • Double pistol magazine pouch
  • Utility pouch
  • 40mm grenade pouch
  • Interior zip-up document pockets on both left and right hand side
  • Heavy webbing over the entire vest for modular pouch attachment
  • Vest is mounted on tough nylon mesh, aiding ventilation
  • Front zip for easy donning
  • Dual padded rifle shoulder pad with lock-in guide
  • Double-ply mesh in rear allows for the addition of a hydration bladder
  • Carry handle and additional attachment strips across the back
  • Drawstrings under both arms allow even adjustment
  • Imported

COLORS: Black or Olive Drab

WEIGHT: 5 lbs.

I got this vest a while back and have never really taken a close look at it until I happened to run across in my attic (I forgot I had It). The first thing I noticed was how well It is made. Heavy duty stitching and the material makes It seem indestructable. I don't know what some of the pouches are for but I'll make use of them. Finally I've ordered something that I won't have to send back! For the money I expected far less. Thanks USCAV, great product.

william - March 20, 2009
All great except for the most basic thing...
Ok, I've had 20 years in both Navy and Army in combat units. Bought this setup and right out of the bag, it fails. Why? The cheap, less-than-civilian quality zipper can't even mate correctly. So, I've had to take it to a retired UK Specforces rigger to take it apart and put in a MILSPEC quality zipper (aka an Alpha Industries BRASS Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y zipper). Also sent an email to the clowns that made this and no reply. Point, ladies and germs-if you got the talent around and money, buy this, gut the garbage that doesn't work on it, it'll do ya. If not, spend the bucks and get something custom (there's always a retired rigger in your neighborhood kiddies...). The Master Chief has left the con...

Gary - January 15, 2009
great quality
For the price, I never expected the quality to be this good. This is my first vest and looks as though it will be my last. AR15 mags fit great in the pouches and there's lots of room for other gear. Right now I don't need all of the pouches but you never know. Thanks, Lew

william - July 4, 2008
Only 600D Cordura
the saying you get what you pay for. This was a great deal for a cheap price. Except my only complain is that the material is only 600D Cordura, and not 1000D Cordura. I dont understand but on a diff site and on condors, the Vest by itself without the pouches is 1000D Cordura. But so far its pretty good. I like it, and the acu actually matches my uniform unlike my Blackhawk Products. Ill recommend!

Leo - May 4, 2008
Great gear, even greater price!!!
Now this ois one the best modular vest systems I've seen of had. The Canadian Forces supplies us with an excellent Tact Vest, but it lacks modularity. Our basic vest only gives us room for 4 x 5.56mm mags... and we know more ammo is needed in combat situations. This vest comes with a great variety of pouches and being it's a MOLLE vest, others can be used with it. I've attached to it my own 4x mag pouch I had to bring my total to 8 mags. Plus one set of pouches is perfectly suited to our slightly oversized smoke grenades or flashbangs. I'm very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it. It was either this or I was going for a High Speed Gear Silverthorne chest rig. Really happy I tried this out first, 300$ compared to 80$, this vest is a sweet deal. Thanks US Cav! Archie P.S.: Also another thanks for the speedy delivery, 3 days to Canada is VERY fast!!!!

Dominic - November 17, 2007
ITs a great vest for the price.
i got this vest a while back and i personaly like it, but the larger double mag pouch can actually be changed into a triple mag pouch holding a total of six mags. to do that you have to go through cuting a part out though and thats up to you. other-wise i liked it.

JULIEN - June 1, 2007
Its ok
As far as vests go its ok the vest itself is great but the pouches suck i suggest buying your own pouches to put on it

Jason - May 15, 2007
Great for the price
For what you're paying, you can't beat this vest. I'm not sure what 'Dr.' Bruni meant by 'a bit pricy', since most MOLLE vests cost in excess of $100 just for the base vest without attachments, and most non-modular tac vests cost anywhere from $80-$150 for mid-grade models. I bought this vest for a day-long woodland airsoft event, and it met my needs. I was able to carry everything that I needed for the entire day (hydration system, food, ammo, 12 mags, first aid gear, etc). I was surprised at the versatility of the various pouches on the vest. I was able to remove the retainer straps from the radio pouch and convert it into a mag pouch for two 5.56mm mags. The AK-47 double mag pouch was able to hold a total of 6 5.56mm mags. I was able to use one of the double pistol mags as a radio holster for a Motorola Talkabout, and the shotgun ammo pouch served well as a utility pouch. I was also able to use the gas mask pouch as a rucksack, but see my comments further down regarding this. I do have two complaints about the vest. First, and most importantly, while reconfiguring the pouches for the first time, two of the snaps popped completely off of the MOLLE straps with almost no force. This was fixed with some superglue, but was a bit concerning. I anticipate this happening again if I go on to modify the pouch configuration a second time. The other complaint isn't necessarily a defect in the product, but something that should have been considered by the manufacturer. The gas mask bag makes an excellent rucksack to stuff all your miscellaneous gear in, but unfortunately the MOLLE straps are horizontally mounted (instead of the usual vertical mount). This is normal for gas mask bags, but not everyone needs a gas mask. It would have been nice if this pouch had both vertical and horizontal MOLLE straps, but you get what you pay for. I ended up being able to mount the pack at a 45 degree angle to keep all of my stuff from falling out of it, but throughout the day, the MOLLE straps became unsnapped almost any time I fell into a prone position, because there was too much stress on the straps at this angle. Overall, this is an excellent vest for the money, but I wouldn't use it if I were in a situation where my life might depend on it. Fortunately, I'm not getting shot at with real bullets, so this vest will not get me killed.

Donald - November 7, 2006
William D, Bruni, Ed.D
This product provided the exact amount of space and distributed its load well. I had the opportunity to borrow one last week and I will be purchasing one by 21 Hovember. Fablous product, a bit pricy but it delivers on comfort & load distribution. If you at U. Cavalry wish to call & talk I am at your convenience. Cordially, Bill Bruni.Ed.D

Dr - November 6, 2005
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