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Believe it or not... Zombies are a fact of life!

Video LauncherWe've put together a list of basic equipment every zombie hunter should have, everything from knives and tools from Gerber© to survival gear from Camelbak© and Maglite©. We've got what you need to help decrease the zombie population. If you're new to zombie hunting be sure to watch veteran zombie hunter Billy Wayne Baker's video "Zombie Hunting 101".

Gerber Machete

Gerber® Gator Machete The only good zombie is a decapitated zombie! With the Gator, one swing is all you’ll need to separate an undead bag of flesh from his melon.

Item #35293
Gerber LMF Infantry Knife

Gerber® LMF™ II Infantry KnifeWhen all else fails, a good knife may be the only thing that stands between you and a trip through a zombie’s digestive track. A nearly 5” blade and a non-slip rubber grip handle makes the LMF™ II the perfect knife for hand-to-corpse combat.

Item #33117
Gerber Flik

Gerber® Flik™Never be caught unprepared with the Gerber® Flik™. Perfect for weapon maintenance, repairing equipment or shoving into the temple of a pesky zombie, the Flik™ is the perfect all-around tool.

Item #32871
Blackhawk Serpa Holster

BLACKHAWK!® Tactical SERPA® HolsterA good handgun can save your life but it does you no good if it falls out of your holster when you’re wrestling with a zombie. The SERPA® Holster locks your handgun securely in place and lets you draw in the blink of an eye when you need to blast some zombie brains.

Item #27699
Leapers Rubber Armored Scope

Leapers® 3~9 x 40 STEALTH Rubber Armored Scope w/RGB Red/Green Illuminated MIL-DOT Reticle You can’t kill ’em if you can’t see ’em, and with the Leapers® 3~9 x 40 STEALTH Rubber Armored Scope you’ll be sure to see them first. Red/Green illuminated reticle for picking off zombies in changing light conditions.

Item #28775
Barska Military Waterproof Binoculars

BARSKA® 7 X 50 Battalion Military Waterproof Binoculars w/Internal Rangefinder & Directional Compass Knowing how many of the undead are near your position can mean the difference between life and death. Always have the advantage with these waterproof binoculars with rangefinder and compass from BARSKA®

Item #34663
Tactical Research TR336 Guardian Composite Toe Boot

Tactical Research by Belleville 8" TR336 CT Guardian Lightweight Performance Tan Composite Toe BootWhen you’re knee-deep in zombie guts the last thing you need to worry about is losing your footing and becoming zombie chow. The TR336’s oil & slip resistant outsole will help keep you upright and kicking undead butt.

Item #37253
Spec-Ops Over Armor Vest

Spec-Ops® Over-Armor™ VestKeep pouches and gear close at hand and secure on the Spec-Ops® Over-Armor™ Vest. MOLLE webbing keeps your pouches secure and safe from undead hands.

Item #29836
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Hatch Operator Hard Knuckle Glove

Hatch® Operator™ Hard Knuckle GloveThe last thing you should ever do is punch it out with a zombie, but if you have no other choice protect your hands and get the advantage with Hatch Operator Hard Knuckle Gloves.

Item #31254
Revision Sawfly Deluxe Kit

Revision® Sawfly® Deluxe Kit Protect your eyes from sun, dust and flying zombie juices. Infected puss getting into your eye can turn you just as fast as being bitten, so never hunt without full eye protection.

Item #28648
CamelBak Motherlode

CamelBak® 100 oz. MaXimum Gear MotherLode™Without the proper gear you can quickly become the hunted instead of the hunter. This pack is equipped to carry all the gear you need to dispatch a hoard of zombies, plus 100 ounces of hydration to keep you going.

Item #19674
Suunto 10X Wrist Top Computer

Suunto® 10X Wrist Top ComputerOne of the worst things that can happen to you when you’re out hunting is getting lost. Lost = lunchtime in zombieville. Always know where you are with the Suunto® 10X.

Item #33378
Maglite 6D Flashlight

Maglite® 6 "D" Cell FlashlightEnough light to flush out zombies from their darkest hiding places and enough weight and size to cave-in a rotten skull.

Item #2493
M3 Medic Bag

M3 Medic BagYou need to be at your physical best to deal with the army of the undead. Even a small cut can quickly become a problem and throw you off your game. Be prepared for any mishap with the M3 Medic Bag.

Item #31143
Zombie Hunter Patch

MIL-SPEC MONKEY Zombie Hunter PatchIf you want to be a REAL Zombie Hunter, you gotta look the part. C'mon, skills are nice, but you have to have some CDI (chicks dig it) factor. Make sure you identify yourself as a bonafide zombie hunter when you're on the job.

Item #35356

Para Cord 550 (Olive Drab, 100 ft)You never know when paracord can come in handy. Whether you are just tying down loose equipment or improvising snares to string up a zombie, you can never have enough Para Cord.

Item #2683
100 Mile an Hour Tape

100-Mile-an-Hour Tape (2")Never hunt without it! Repair equipment, emergency bandage or stretched across a doorway waiting to trip a zombie, is there anything it can’t do?

Item #22945

MREsZombies can’t starve but you can. A good rule of thumb is to carry two MREs for every day that you plan to be out hunting.

Item #2692