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Ranger Rick's Ranger Digest Series

Item#  35060
Ranger Rick's Ranger Digest Series

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The Ranger Rick's Ranger Digest Series is a no BS series of handbooks dedicated to teaching soldiers, campers, hikers, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts, how to survive and thrive in the outdoors through field expedient know-how. From how to take a dump in the woods, make survival kits, modify and improve military and commercial outdoor gear to jokes, stories and lots of other stuff. These are not your typical boring military manuals. They contain the really important stuff that only experience can teach. Each book contains 96 pages of entirely different information, no tip or trick is ever repeated.

  • Made in the USA
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Foundational Material
The fella below is right.. This aint fer kids. I say this in agreement with him and not as a put down. This series is meant for the adult with a need to know how to make it in an austere military environment. The language is salty, yes, but if you want someone to level with you, you ask em like this... Hey bud, I need a no sh tter on this. If the person you are asking for that sort of advice is a straight shooter, a no sh tter is what yer gonna get. Strikes me, Rick gave one in eight booklets. With that said, the information is sprinkled about the series, so get all of em. It is excellent advice. A lot of it will be familiar to the folks that have military experience, or have worked and played outdoors for a good number of years. There is a lot of grandad advice in here, by which I mean a lot of this was taught by the old timers I grew up with. So Rick is passing on more than what he has figured out on his own, he is passing along lessons that have stood the test of time. This is rock solid stuff. If you are new to the outdoors this is a good place to pick up some pearls of wisdom that will help you get along out there. If you or a loved one are going into military service, this is probably the best preparatory information you can lay hands on. It will not matter what branch you or they are joining. Any service man or woman will get a solid leg up with Ricks lessons and anecdotes tucked between their ears. Like the scouter dad said below, pass it on to your kids after you have read it and made the info PG friendly. Later on, when they are mature enough, let em read it on their own for entertainment AND education.

Bryan - January 28, 2013
merchant seaman
good reading for the long voyages across the pond .

michael - December 27, 2012
Interesting and Useful Info - Includes Adult Content
I am a Scouting parent and I thought these might be useful for outdoor training. There are many useful tips, but this isn't the Ranger Rick from the National Wildlife Federation. I knew that before I ordered, but I wasn't prepared for the adult content and language. Okay, maybe I should have expected that from a military guy. So, instead of just handing them over to the boys, I think we'll just pass on the useful tips. This is probably not something you want to purchase for boys. I probably would not have purchased them if I had known more about the content.

Karen - May 11, 2012
Bosnia Warrior
I worked in Bosnia (MPRI) with ranger rick T. He knows his sh-t. Even has an interesting use for a rolled up army sock. Good Luck All.

Hollywood - September 19, 2010
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Ranger Rick'sRanger Rick's Ranger Digest SeriesA no BS series of handbooks dedicated to teaching soldiers, campers, hikers, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts.
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